Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where have you been?

This has been a common question posed to me in my emails of late. The answer, here, there, everywhere! So to make this update short, STOP laughing, I can not be long winded when I put my mind to it, I will offer an outline of the past 2 weeks.

1. I went to Las Vegas for a karate tournament, we go every year, and it is held every Easter. I tried to upload some video to show you but I was not successful. We took 3 students, two took 1st place and one took second place. They did well.

2. We had a long trip back, we drove and there was a TON of traffic, we did not get home until almost 4am on Monday morning.

3. I called in sick to work the next day due to lack of sleep and the fact that I started my cycle and it felt like Joe DiMaggio took batting practice on my lower back and uterus....I know, to much information.

4. Then I got sick, a little cold on Thursday night, so Friday I felt like the walking dead! But what to do? I already called in sick on Monday, surely I can't do that on Friday as well. Hell no, took as much DayQuill as I could and sucked it up, went to work. Did very little, trust me.

5. Felt better by Saturday and had to work on the taxes. So to the dojo I went. Realized that I could only get so far that day, so I went to Purlescence of course to knit!

Now there has been several days from when I started this post to today as I am finishing this post. So cut to the chase, I just have been really busy and really very tired lately and blogging as not been very possibe. I am working on a Baby Surprise Jacket that should be done today if I go and get the buttons and find the other ball of yarn (I must go through my stash and my car too.) I have finished my Lady Eleanor Stole, took it to Boba Knits and Hannah being as small as she is and the fact that I knitted it longer than the pattern called for, Hannah realized that it could be worn as a toga on her! Soon I will get some proper photos of the LE and post details regarding the knitting process. I will say that I have been wearing this EVERY chance that I get because soon it will be to warm to wear. Speaking of Hannah and the Boba Knits group, they are a fun bunch of people and I thought I would share with you a little sampling of a Thursday night at Boba Knits. This is Kristi and Hannah and then my big mouth answering my phone while secretly taking the video with my camera. Hannah and Kristi had no idea that my camera was taking video, they thought I took still shots. I have a feeling when I pull my camera out next time, Kristi will hide quickly.
For some reason I am not able to embed the YouTube file that I uploaded, so here is the link instead, sorry!
I am off to get some buttons.


  1. LE is just beautiful. I wish I could see the baby surprise jacket, but I'm leaving town for a couple weeks tomorrow. When I get back I may try out Boba Knit. See you when I return. :)