Thursday, December 27, 2007

Old and New

First the old. Christmas day I stopped by my friends house to visit before returning to San Jose and realized that I never got a picture of the scarf that I knit her last Christmas. So she went and got it out for me and I got a photo finally. I really like this pattern, in fact I liked it so much that I made two last Christmas.

Irish Hiking Scarf, 2 hanks of Malabrigo in Dusty.

And for the new, Sensei got a new car. On my birthday. Wait, how does that happen? Oh right, his blew up! We got it in time for our trip to Disneyland. Sensei is really pleased with his new car, the windows roll up and down on this one!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


After 17 years, I finally got to return to Disneyland and I got sick! Yes, I have either a severe cold or the flu. Halfway down on our drive to Anaheim I started to feel, well, shitty. Took some medicine got some throat drops and started heavily medicating. I am still very weak and tired. I will have a better report of the day, I am just too tired and well, SICK!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, stay healthy and safe!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Contest Answers

Sorry, I forgot to include the answers to the contest questions this morning.

1. I have 2 brothers, what are their professions?
Older brother Todd is a Sergeant Detective and younger brother Kelly is a minister.

2. What is my favorite football team?
Notre Dame Fighting Irish, that is right, losing season and all, I am still a proud fan!

3. What is my favorite color?
Red, a true blue red. No orangey reds for me!

4. Where did my fellow knitters and I go after the Stitch n' Pitch?
Jeni, Becky, Hannah, Cindy, Cookie and I all wandered out of the park looking for a bar to sit and watch the end of the game because it was so cold there. We ended up at a tequila bar Tres Agaves! And if you click on the link above, there is a picture of Lori, the winner of the yarn in that blog post!

And if you wanted to know what happened to me last year on my birthday click here. So far today I have not repeated history!

And the Yarn goes to.....

Lori (Monkeyroom) !! She has chose the new colorway Ravenscroft in Socks that Rock. Congratulations, Lori! This was fun, I will have to come up with another contest soon. The contest came down to a drawing, so many of you got all the answers correct. The process was very scientific (hahaha) names were placed on slips of paper, folded equally and put inside a hat, a Notre Dame hat. Sensei was granted the honor of picking, he initially had protested that I was using a Notre Dame hat, I told hit to get over it and just pick. So yes Lori, your name came out of a Notre Dame Fighting Irish hat!! I am sure that your alumni status at Penn is fully in tact still.
Not sure how much blogging will be done between now and Christmas, we are leaving tomorrow morning for Disneyland. Hopefully I will get some good pics for the blog. Wishing you all a happy and safe Holiday Season!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Didn't Finish...

Didn't even come close to finishing. Christmas knitting is no more. I completed only 2 of several knitted gifts for this Christmas. I have 2 more on the needles now. Do I care? Yes, a little. Will I let it bother me to no end? Absolutely NOT. I have bigger fish to fry right now. This has been the year of problems during the holidays. Remember Thanksgiving?? Well this holiday it is Richie's car. It died. I mean, stick a fork in it, it is done! It was a 1988 Honda Prelude, it served its purpose and now it is a charitable donation. So we went car shopping. Hopefully we will have the car situation resolved by Friday morning when we leave for Disneyland. We'll see.

And, you still have time for the Birthday Contest... I have several entries, it will be a drawing. I see that either you all read the blog or you are really good at searching fast! You still have time to enter.

So this is how the contest goes. Comment on this blog telling me which yarn you would like to receive if you are the winner. Then email me at twistedstitches71 AT gmail DOT com the answers to the following questions:

1. I have 2 brothers, what are their professions?
2. What is my favorite football team?
3. What is my favorite color?
4. Where did my fellow knitters and I go after the Stitch n' Pitch? (specific answer required)

All the answers can be found in my past blog entries. You must answers all the questions correctly for your name to go into the hat where the winner will be drawn. Contest will be closed December 19th at midnight. Winner will be announced on My Birthday, December 20th.
Good luck!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have some of the nicest friends in the world. Last night I gathered with my former co-workers from my 3 year stint at Honda. These are the same friends that I also taught how to knit. We ate pasta, bread, drank wine and conversed, it was nice. Then after dinner we sat around and knitted. It was really funny, I looked over and realized that I had taught them all how to knit and how we all bonded through knitting. Each of them have distinct knitting personalities and it has been really fun watching them grow as knitters. After some knitting came the dessert. I thought we were having brownies that Danielle made, but there was a lot of commotion going on in the kitchen for just serving brownies! Then around the corner came my dessert plate... brownies with ice cream, caramel sauce and whipped cream. It was a sight to be seen. Sorry I have no pics, it was too good to stop to grab a camera. Thank you Holly, Colleen, Danielle and Jackie for a wonderful evening; you are great friends! And Jackie, I loved your card!

You all still have time to enter my Birthday Contest. Contest closes December 19 at midnight. Get your emails to me if you want to get free yarn! I am giving away your choice of either Socks That Rock or Silky Malabrigo, click here for more details. Good Luck!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Merry Christmas Sweaters !!

So I finally got evidence of the wear-ability of the sweaters that I knit for my niece and nephew. Aren't they cute? Now you see why I would want to knit for them ALL THE TIME??? If you are on Ravelry and have seen this in my projects list, yes, my nephew has an uncanny resemblance to the little boy in the book for this pattern. And if you ever wondered what I looked like when I was a little girl? Take a good look at my niece. I will have to post a comparison picture later.
I would be remiss to not mention that I would have NEVER gotten these sweaters shipped out in time if it had not been for Nathania's help. Thank you for saving my knitting behind, again! Hope every one's holiday knitting is going smoothly. And there is still time to enter my Birthday Contest.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Yes, this is my first blog contest. It is the holiday season and my birthday soon and I am in a giving nature. Or maybe I just want to know how many people really read my blog?!?! Who knows and who cares? Cause I am giving away yarn! The winner gets a choice between two yarns, both highly coveted by many knitters I know. The first choice would be the all new Malabrigo, 50% Merino/50% Silk in the Stone Chat colorway. This yarn is in limited release at a few stores for test knitting and I happen to have one hank. The second choice would be Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in the all new Ravenscroft colorway.

So this is how the contest goes. Comment on this blog telling me which yarn you would like to recieve if you are the winner and EMAIL me your answers! (thank you Ariel for your suggestion!) Email me: twistedstitches71 AT gmail DOT com

1. I have 2 brothers, what are their professions?
2. What is my favorite football team?
3. What is my favorite color?
4. Where did my fellow knitters and I go after the Stitch n' Pitch? (specific answer required)

All the answers can be found in my past blog entries. The person who answers the most correctly wins, in the event of a tie, names will go into a hat and a winner will be drawn. Mom, you are not eligible, besides, you don't knit!

Contest will be closed Decemeber 19th at midnight. Winner will be announced on My Birthday, December 20th
Good luck!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Since I am unable to blog about current Christmas knitting, I give you my finished Ribby Pulli. I have worn it several times, it is the warmest sweater that I own. Being what I would call a plump woman, this pattern can be worn by all shapes and sizes easily.

Here is the run down:

Pattern: Ribby Pulli Long Sleeve Funnel Neck
Yarn: Bottom, Cascade 220 in Jet (which really is more of a charcoal color) and on top, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted in Obsidian.
Needles: Size 6, 7 and 8 Addi Turbo's
Size: The largest size in the pattern, I can't remember what it was off hand.
Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes and no, this was one of my first sweaters completed so I did not understand everything the pattern was telling me. With a little help it became more clear.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? The "like" part of the pattern is that it is knit in one piece in the round with only seaming the underarms. Also that the ribbing on the sides does the waist shaping automatically. The "dislike" would be the way that the ribbing on the sleeve was written and the decreases in the yolk. They were both a bit confusing for me.
Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: I knit the entire sleeve on my size 7 instead of just the cuff part. And I am going to rework the neck, I didn't pay attention the the pattern and picked up more stitches around the neck than I should have. So I am going to pick the neck out and re-knit it to include a few of the ribs just on the side to continue the ribbing from the sleeve. Oh and I made the body about 3 inches longer than the pattern calls. I like my sweaters longer.
Would you knit it again? Yes. I actually am knitting it again for a friend after the holidays.
Conclusion: This is a good pattern for any level of knitter, even beginners that want to try a sweater. If I were to knit another for myself, I would knit one in a solid color. Also, I would knit a size or two smaller, this sweater is bigger than I would have wanted. My gauge was correct and other have mentioned the same problem.

Ok, current knitting. Flash back to when I sent my niece and nephew hand knit socks, just cause they are cute and I love them. The lesson learned, ALWAYS ship your hand knitted gift signature required! Their Christmas sweaters have been sent and I just got a text message from my brother that "The Eagle has landed" The box is in the safe hands of my brother and he is waiting to get the kids and let them open the box. I will post photos of the sweaters once they have seen them.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Birthday Meme

Ok, I saw this on CJ's blog it is her Birthday today and since my birthday is around the corner I thought I would do this now instead of later.

Birthday meme

The instructions:
1) Go to Wikipedia.
2) In the search box, type your birth month and day but not the year.
3) List three events that happened on your birthday
4) List two important birthdays and one death
5) One holiday or observance (if any)

Three events that happened on my Birthday
1.) 1803 - Louisiana Purchase completed at a ceremony in New Orleans.
2.) 1981 - The first ever on-stage performance of the award-winning Broadway musical Dreamgirls at Imperial Theatre on Broadway.
3.) 2005 - US District Court Judge John E. Jones III ruled against mandating teaching "intelligent design" in his ruling of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.

Two important birthdays and one death
1.) 1537 - King John III of Sweden (birthday)
2.) 1868 - Harvey Firestone, American automobile pioneer (birthday)
3.) 1968 - John Steinbeck, American writer, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1902) (death)

One Holiday Observance
R.C. Saints - Saint Dominic of Silos, O Clavis, Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne

What happened on your Birthday?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy days are here again...sort of

The fridge is fixed!! Cost was VERY reasonable. The "starter" to the compressor basically burned out. A very nice man came tonight and replaced the burned out part and made my fridge work. Now the toilet/shower/drain pipe issue has reared its ugly head again after we thought it was fixed. That repair man is coming in the morning. One down, one to go.

Knitting update, the niece and nephew Christmas photo sweaters are going well. All four pieces of my nieces sweater is complete including the blocking. I am now working on my nephews back of his sweater. Deadline, this weekend. Anyone like to knit ribbing??

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Smelly


Thanksgiving Dinner

The Family, left to right, Mimi(paternal grandma), Michelle (sister-in-law), Cody (nephew), Todd (oldest brother), Grandma (maternal grandma), Me, and Sensei. Mom is taking the photo.Sensei, stop tickling me, I am knitting!!!


When we got home, the fridge had died while we were gone to Grandma house for Thanksgiving weekend. We are hoping that it will be a minor financial fix instead of a replacement. As you can see, I have emptied the entire thing, it was pretty much an entire loss of food.


The toilet got backed up so bad that the shower stall floor filled up with sewer water after several attempts of removing the clog with a plunger and Liquid Plumber. I will spare you the descriptive details and photo of the ordeal, suffice to say, it was a crappy situation (pun intended!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No Deep Thoughts

No deep thoughts, no in site, no words of encouragement from me today. Just a couple of photos that I took and thought I would share. Because really, no one wants to hear how stressed I am with all the holiday knitting I have committed myself to. I said last year that I wouldn't do it, but I guess I couldn't stick to that. (my English skills are stunning right now too!) I finally got the yarn order completed yesterday for my nephew's sweater. I had to pay for 3 day shipping so that I would get it in enough time to complete for Christmas photos. I started another gift project, I still have to finish my green socks, 2 baby gifts to start and complete, my moms birthday sweater (from July!!) and a few other things that have escaped my mind. But to be quite honest, even though I am a little stressed about all the knitting, I wouldn't have it any other way! I could have worse problems...wait, I actually do have worse problems. OK, knitting is my escape, my sanctuary, my zen.

Here is a scarf that I did last year but only had time to wear it a couple of times before it got too warm to wear. But it has sure come in handy lately!

I made this out of one hank of Baby Grande Alpaca in a 1x1 rib, I like the look of stockinette with out the rolling. It is very light, warm, soft and fuzzy. Me likes.

And my favorite furry guy in the whole wide world. Mugsy, laying on top of Sensei on the couch. Sensei, a bit camera shy that day. Mugsy IS the king of the house, we just live around him.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Knitting and Love

I love my niece and nephew, a lot. You will know how much when I show you the finished objects, but for now, these are just progress photos. I went down to visit them back in September and had a great time. That is when I started the "missing" socks, the ones that have never been delivered still. While visiting, I opened my mouth and said, "You know, I could knit them (the kids) matching sweaters for your family Christmas photos." Now, I in no way am regretting this moment at all, but I have to admit at times it is overwhelming to think about all the knitting that I have committed myself to completing. These sweaters will be the first to complete because of their deadline. My niece and nephew are little, 5 and 3 respectively, so I chose to knit something fairly simple with room to grow for them. This is a ribbed drop shoulder sweater from the Debbie Bliss Easy Knits book. The sweaters are going to be the same style but in contrasting color schemes. Pictured is my nieces sweater, I have completed the front and the back and now have casted on for the sleeves. All the pieces will be done this weekend. Then on to the little guys!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

No nickel for me...

So I faithfully read Janet's blog, my Twisted counterpart, she was reviewing the KnitPicks metal DPN's. Read her review here. I do not used DPN's, they are my enemy, I have never been able to use them successfully. And that is OK. Others love DPN's and wouldn't think about using anything else. I on the other hand am a circular needle kind of girl. So much so that now I am even Magic Loop knitting several things.

My needle usage started with Clover Bamboo needles, straight, then to circulars. Then I discovered Addi needles and that fantastic flexible cable, score since they have them in bamboo too. Then I bought the nickel plated Turbo Addi needles and I thought that I was a machine knitter it was so fast. I was in love, well not with the price, but hey, the cables were the best on the market in my opinion. Next thing I know, I was introduced to the KnitPicks needles, not only were they hollow, nickel plated needles like the Addi's, they also had fantastically flexible cables and the best part, way less expensive than the Addi's, TRIPLE SCORE.

Then came my discovery, my hands eat nickel. They really do. This is the evidence...

These are Addi Turbo circular needles US5's. The two in the middle are the ones that I used to knit some worsted weight wool slipper socks, one pair only. The ones on the top and bottom are the replacements, new needles never used. I have done this to KnitPicks, Addi Turbo and Addi Lace needles. Stitches no longer slide across the needle like intended, they have to be forced. Makes for difficult knitting. So I am heading back to wood. I still have some Addi's Natura's and I have now started knitting with KnitPicks Harmony needles. I am not as fond of the wood, I am forced to knit looser now. It was suggested to me that I try steel needles, so I will be buying one and giving it a go when it arrives.

Any thoughts? Any like experiences? Any suggestions? Let me know please!!! I am leaning in the direction of buying the KnitPicks Harmony Options, I am not fond of the Denise cables and plastic needles.

Friday, November 02, 2007


I was in the mood for a change, actually it was long over due, I cut my hair. I am very pleased with it, I think it suits me. I cut about 10 inches off. Next step, color. The greys are coming in too fast. Sorry for the crappy camera phone pic at work no less.

I have 2 finished sweaters to show, yes, I have FINISHED two, count them, one, two sweaters. Next blog post, with the new hair cut!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I feel the earth move under my feet...

This was definitely not my first earthquake since I was born and raised in California but this was the firs time that I have been located this close to the epicenter of a quake. I have marked on the map where we live.

A few things were knocked off the wall, things fell off shelves but no major damage. I was just a bit shook up, no pun intended. It was a jerking motion first and then we felt a rolling motion and it lasted for a good little while. We didn't lose power, I am actually shocked that we didn't, however my cell phone did not work for about two hours. My brother Todd called to check on me at about 10:20pm on my cell phone so I know it works now. We are all fine, Sensei, Mugsy and I.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Great Weekend

My weekend was great on several different levels. First of which was that the Irish finally won a game this season. But, I am not sure if I am more excited about Notre Dame's win or USC's loss to Stanford. Yes, you heard me right, USC LOST to Stanford. The Trees beat the Trojans!!!! My heart did a little pitter patter. Second happy thing was the celebration of Nathania and Kevin's birthdays on Saturday. They are both very special people and I was honored to attend. Friends gathered and brought things to snack, I brought crack, I mean King Eggroll, the best egg rolls that you will ever eat! And finally the knitting. I have attached the sleeves to the Ribby Pulli, started the second color (Twisted in Obsidian) and started my sleeve cap shaping. I have only 5 more days to get this sweater completed for Purlescence Yarns 1st Birthday Party October 13th. They are having a group photo for everyone that has knit the Ribby Pulli or one of the several variations in the pattern. So if you have knit this pattern, go to Purlescence and join the rest of us! The photo was taken pre-attachment.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Given Up

Well after several phone calls to a Bakersfield Post Office, it is over, the socks are never to be seen by the rightful owners. The manager spoke with the letter carrier for that route and he said that he did not remember that particular package ( I really was not thinking that he would.) He also stated that the carriers are ONLY to leave packages at the door when it is stated on the package itself, I did not make that statement. The manger instructed him to never leave packages at the door from now on unless clearly stated ( that does not help me!) He apologized (that doesn't really help me either, but it was the right thing for him to do.) I have learned my lesson, never send anything in the mail that I have knitted without a signature required. A couple of bright thing are, 1.) at least it was not a hand knit cashmere sweater and 2.) my niece and nephew only wear a kids size 11 and 8 shoes, little feet, quick to re-knit (that will have to wait though.)
By the way, thank you all for your comments and personal emails!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Knitting Humor

I love Franklin and his blog The Panopticon. If you don't read it, you should add it to your list. He is an amazing writer and illustrator. Check out his latest cartoon, you will have to scroll towards the bottom of the post. Made me laugh after an especially disappointing day this ended up being.

Thieves in Bakersfield

This is an open letter to the person or persons that decided to take the package I sent to my niece and nephew from their front door step. This package contains hand knit socks that specifically fit my niece and nephew. I think it is deplorable that you would steep so low as to steal childerns gifts, how do you sleep at night? Many hours were spent pouring my love in to knitting my niece and nephew those socks. I hope and pray that you come to your senses and just return the package and its contents to the rightful owners with no questions asked.

Hurt and Angry in San Jose, CA

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday

Saturday September 29 is Sensei's birthday, but since he has a crazy work schedule, we are celebrating his birthday all weekend. Last night we went to a movie, something that we have not done in a while. We went to see The Kingdom. All I have to say is WOW. The opening credits and graphics was a quick history lesson about the USA's relationship with Saudi Arabia (The Kingdom.) There are shocking scenes that will be embedded in your mind from the minute that the movie starts right down to the last scene. I found myself with my mouth open in shock half the movie. There was so much that goes on in the movie that I want to see it again so that I can take it all in again.

So this morning we are going to do another of our favorite things, golf. Not sure which course we are going to play, its his birthday, he gets to decide. After golf I will be getting in some more knitting time. I am done with the first sleeve of my Ribby Pulli, now I have to cast on for my second sleeve. I want to get the first sock of my green Dream in Color Smooshy sock done today also, I am hoping.

And finally, yesterday, Notre Dame, I don't even have words. I honestly don't have any idea what is going on. The amount of error, lack of rushing and passing yards is staggering. There is always next year.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Best Red EVER

So I go to my LYS Purlescence Yarns and they immediately toss this hank of loveliness at me knowing that I was going to scream, "This is it!" They know me too well. I have 4 hanks now. This version of red is fondly known at the store as "Lisa Red."

In my humble opinion, this is the best blue/red sock yarn ever! I am always in search of the best red colored yarn and this is definitely one of them. Now if I can just find the perfect red lipstick, then I would be set! I drug my mother all over San Francisco one afternoon on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick, the hunt is still on!

Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug Colorway: Vatican Pie

I tried to show was a rich blue/red this is and the photos really does not do it justice. I did a little tweaking and still could not get it just right, it is much more blue/red than it looks here.

I also just got the new sock book, More Sensational Knitted Socks. I am looking forward to using this yarn with one of those patterns!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Even more socks!

I love my niece and nephew, my younger brother kids. To me they are the cutest things in the world EVER. They actually resemble what my brother and I looked like when we were little. So I knit them socks because I can. Here are the socks.

No your eyes are not deceiving you, above, the sock on the left is a bit bigger. I finished the one on the right and then started the second sock days later and used a different size needle by mistake, oops!
And this is how I packaged them up and sent them to Bakersfield...

I have posted pictures of the niece before but not much about the nephew. So instead of just a photo, I thought that I would share a little video of him from Thanksgiving 2006. Little background, he LOVES the Disney movie Cars. And whenever he sees a camera, he immediately says, "Cheese" I am pretty sure that when he grows up and this gets replayed, he will hate me. But I am ok with that, he'll get over it.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Socks Finished

Since I joined Ravelry, I have not been posting my finished projects here on my blog. Ravelry is a fantastic tool and I am really looking forward to more people joining and making the site an even more valuable resource. My latest completed knitting project, socks for my best friend Gina. If you have a Ravelry account, then these are not new to you. It was Gina's birthday August 23 and we went to her house Labor Day Weekend for a BBQ where she received these...

I am actually quite proud of these socks. They are my second pair of socks that I have knit and they are 100 times better than the first pair. I did have a bit of trouble though, I knit the first sock to short on the foot part. This was realized when I was knitting the second sock. I decided to complete the second sock with the correct foot length and then fix the first one. So I picked out the toe and frogged the first sock back to the gusset decreases because I also made a few to many on those too (shhh, don't tell) and re-knit. As you can see the sock in the photo above on the left has a wonky section on the bottom of the sock, that is the frogged yarn re-knit. I took the photo before I washed and blocked them.

Yes, it was a very warm day when I gave them to her. Yes, she was wearing sandals. And yes, I made her take her sandals off and try them on for me. I was not able to get her to wear them long enough to model them in a photo, I will have to wait for cooler weather.


Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock

Colorway: Mustang Sally

Needles: Knit Picks circular needles 3mm

Pattern: Elongated Corded Rib, Sensational Knitted Socks, Charlene Schurch

Hopefully modeled sock photos to come!?!?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I don't want to talk about it...

I really don't want to talk about it. My offical statment to anyone that asks will be:
"It is a rebuilding year."
I still love my Fighting Irish, there is always next year.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Knitting progress has been steady, but not fast. I completed my niece's pair of socks and I am on the second sock for my nephew's pair. I will post pictures when I have them all done.

Purlescence Yarns anniversary is coming in October and they have decided to gather all knitters that have knit a Ribby Pulli for a photo. Here is my progress, I have a lot of knitting to do if I want to make it in time for the photo!
And these are the current socks that I am working on. Have I mentioned that I LOVE knitting socks? I am using Dream in Color Smooshy and the pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks, Corded Rib. Some of you may remember that I posted about these kimono project bags that a friend of mine makes. Well she has her site finished and you can now see and choose your own fabrics. They are really great for sock project bags. Her store is is Tsuyosa Creations, take a look! This past weekend at Cindy's was supposed to be the Great Sock Race, part deux, but Hannah conveniently forgot her yarn. My gut feeling, she was just scared and was not up to the challenge. Did you hear that Hannah? I know you are out there, I will be waiting. :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

New Look

Not sure what I wanted the blog to look like completely, I just knew that it was time for a change. And since I do not have the guts to whack off all my hair like I did a few years ago (over 15" of hair length, thank you very much) I decided to change something that was completely painless and could be fixed immediately, not in 2 years when it finally grows out!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

On a Mission

Some of you may know already that I have two brothers, one older brother who is a Sergeant Detective in the Central Valley (related story here) and a younger brother who is a youth minister. For those of you that were entertained by the movie Bad Boys and Will Smiths character, my brother is a real Detective Lowery! Anyway, this entry is actually about the my younger brother who is referred to by his youth group as PK (Pastor Kelly.) Back in July PK took several of his youth group members and his wife to Zimbabwe, Africa on a missions trip. They took hours of video and have put together a little sample of what they experienced and what they had to offer to the children of Zimbabwe. The video takes a little bit to buffer but is worth a look. Click on this link and then you will see three different videos of each missions trip, the Africa trip is the second one. I am very proud of my brother both professionally and as a family man. I was 6 when he was born so I watched him grow up into quite an extraordinary man. I think my father would have been very proud of him.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Love Lucy and so does Little Bunny Foo Foo

Ahh the details I promised. Well let me first of say, I Love To Knit Socks! I was not sure that I would, but I am a girl that will try anything at least once. Ask my friend Gina, no wait, she has pictures...

Pattern: Sensational Knitted Socks, Slip Stitch Rib
Size: My big foot
Color: Little Bunny Foo Foo
Needles: Addi Lace US 1
Started: Easter Weekend
Finished: 8:20pm 8-13-07

I am long winded, fair warning. Ok, it does not take that long to knit a pair of socks. I will explain. I got the yarn along with other sock yarn prior to me learning the fabulous world of socks. Everyone has been telling me it is magical, Harry Potter and shit like that. Well behold my Dumbledore, it is magical. You turn that heel and scratch your head and there it is. So I am ALL about socks right now.

My first sock of the pair is when I learned long tail cast on, which will explain my difficulty with the second sock. I went round and round and round until I got the cuff as long as I thought it should be with out "running out of yarn." I would do a few rounds and put the cuff away, then pick it back up in a week or so when I felt guilty. Now the cuff was long enough, I read my book, LOVE THE BOOK, and it says to knit a heel flap, I did. And it was a bit too long, but that is ok, a learning experience. Then came the magic of the heel turn. I was not sure what I was doing was correct so I went to my friend Colleens house for her assistance. (Ironic thing about that is, I taught her how to knit. She started socks before me and got the whole thing down, so she held my hand so to speak.) After the turn, you know the drill, pick up stitches, I knew how to do that from the Lady Eleanor that I knit, and then the gusset decreases. Well, I screwed them up royally because after only about 8 or 10 rounds I was done with the decreases, ummm not good. So I frogged back to where I picked up stitches and re-read the pattern where it said to knit one round between the decrease rounds! Wow, isn't it amazing what you learn when you actually READ the pattern instead of GLANCING at the pattern? Yada Yada Yada, toe decreases. I did not pay close attention again at the pattern, I was just so excited that I was almost done that I did decreases every round AGAIN. But I was not going back, I had gone that far, I was almost done, screw that, move on! Then its kitchener time. Now I had never kitchenered before, I liked the look if it, was a bit scared of the LONG directions and my lack of wanting to read any directions, I did the only reasonable thing, I had Colleen read me the directions step by step so I would not mess it up like I had other sections of the sock. And first sock was done. I was so happy, the monkey was off my back, I wore it around the house. I sat there and waited for Sensei to compliment me on my fabulous sock, I would dangle my leg off the couch, stretch and then I got, "do you realize that you only have one sock on?"

Me: Yes, I just finished it tonight, isn't it great?
Sensei: Uh, yeah? But there is only one.
Me: Don't burst my bubble!
Sensei: So when are you going to finish the other one?
Me: $^!&

So now that monkey was on my back again to finish the pair. Made some rules for myself, lets not make the same mistakes in the second one as you did in the first. Broke that rule right off the bat. Remember when I said that I had just learned the long tail cast-on? Cast on, round and round, cuff now is the same length. I was invited to Cindy's house on Sunday for her birthday knit party. It was great. We had wine, food, wine, my homemade salsa, wine, cake, wine. Cindy collects wines and has quite a large assortment, I am not complaining. We had some Pinot Noir, Petite Syrah (my personal favorite if you are ever needing a reason to know) there were Cabernet's and Zinfandel's. And I start the heel flap. After about 6 rows, I look down and started laughing, I was knitting the heel flap inside out. I think that the company and the food was so good that I just didn't notice, others blame the grapes, I would never. So I tear out the heel flap and start over. After I gathered my composure I began the heel flap again. At that point, Cindy says, "Hey, you and Hannah are both on the second sock of your first pair of socks, you should both race to see who finishes first." Great Cindy, I just started my heel flap for my size 10 foot and cute little Hannah the sheep has done her heel turn and was picking up stitches, did I mention Little Hannah? She wears a size 4-1/2! She has such a lead on me that it is not even funny. Then Cindy says the magic words, " I will buy the winner a margarita" We'll bring it on honey! I love adult beverages. My concentration was fierce. I was knitting like a woman on a mission, I had a date with Don Julio. Come on, it was for a margarita.

Hannah actually had me a bit scared cause she started to get real serious about her knitting, her speed increased, she started to not participate in conversation and her foot is half the size of mine. This race was real. The trash talking was starting. She started to get help from the attendees, Janice, Cookie, Kristi, anyone that looked her way. I nipped that in the bud, "No published knitter may help out!" So that put Janice, Cookie and Nathania out, but Kristi informed me that she was not published so she didn't count.

I know I am getting long winded, and I need to get to the part of how I explain the title of this post. Round and Round I was up until midnight Sunday night. Monday, I knitted every opportunity I had, I got to the dojo and I told Sensei, "don't bother me, I have to win" I sat there and was not yet at the toe decreases and I looked down to find a TINY amount of yarn. Yes, a tiny amount. It hit me, I am going to run out of yarn. Now Hannah has been calling me, this being Monday, it started at 8:03am with a message that said, "where are you on your sock?" Then there was something about me being a loser and I was going down. At that moment I did think I was going down like yarn supply I was looking at and I had not started the toe yet, actually I was not close to starting the toe. I called Cindy in a panic, she was on her way to the dojo to pick up her daughter and I told her that I was going to run out of yarn. Why did I run out of yarn? Remember an hour ago when I said that I just learned the long tail cast-on? I wasted a lot of yarn in the cast on. And it looks like had I not messed up the cast on length, I would not have needed more yarn. In through the dojo door walks Cindy and a small bag of sock yarn to rescue me. I open it up and there it is, Little Bunny Foo Foo's first cousin Lucy. Lucy is blue version of Little Bunny Foo Foo. I knit until I ran out of my yarn and then added Lucy to the sock. I only ended up needing about 10 rows of the toe plus kitchener of the Lucy yarn. So one sock has a little blue toe. Socks were finished and photographed for proof of completion at 8:30pm Monday night 8-13-07. I have worn these socks for two nights in a row around the house and to bed, they have their faults and issues but I love them anyway. I took them off this morning and laid them on the couch when I was going to get ready for work. My plan was to wash them this morning and take them to knitting tonight. Sensei came home from work while I was getting ready to go to work. He changed his clothes and settled in to the couch watching the Golf Channel like he does every morning. We said our good mornings and I asked him were did he put my socks? He grinned and I pulled the blanket back and there was Little Bunny Foo Foo snuggled up on his feet. He said, "Babe, these are nice!" He had the biggest Cat ate the Canary grin on his face. I guess I am a sock knitter now.

Photos below are seconds after completion, no washing or blocking had occurred.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hannah, I <3 you but....I WIN !!!!

I love you but I won. The Great Sock Race is over and I was victorious.

More photos and details in a bit, I just had to post the proof first to win :)

Oh yeah Hannah, what was it you were calling me yesterday? Right back atcha honey, but with much love.

ADDITIONAL INFO FROM THE JUDGE: Cindy (the birthday girl)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Yes it is past 1am

It is past 1am here in San Jose, CA and I am still on the computer. WHY??? you may ask. It is rather simple, I got my invite to Ravelry, FINALLY. I was chatting online with my knitting friend Kristi who was getting a kick out of my Ravelry invite countdown. We came to the conclusion that I would probably not get my invite until Monday. She logged off and as soon as she did, the invite hit my inbox at 11:16pm. Woot! So since 11:17pm I have been surfing Ravelry and trying to set up my part. I see that it is going to take me sometime to get updated. If you are a part of Ravelry, come by and say hello. If you are not, get on the list. My blog will probably be silent for a bit while I am trying to update my Ravelry account. Ok, I have to get some sleep , big day tomorrow, lots of picture taking of stash.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Barry Bonds and Mas Tequila !! Photo Heavy

So last night was the yearly Stitch n Pitch game with the San Francisco Giants. This years game was possibly going to be history making since Barry Bonds is only 3 home runs from breaking the all time home run record. Sadly the knitters did not witness history. We did however freak out the muggles with our yarn and needles. Yes, that is Barry NOT hitting a home run.
Getting to the game was fun. Cindy and I got on the Caltrain in Santa Clara and then Jeni and Becky (below) got on in Sunnyvale and finally Hannah and Cookie (below) got on in Mountain View. Cookie, brought wine, bread and brie for the ride up.
We got the city and went to dinner at Momo's and shared another bottle of wine. Dinner was very nice and the desserts were too!

We got to the game late but it was worth it for the nice meal. We picked up our swag, the Stitch n Pitch gift bag, well 3 of the six of us did, they ran out just when we got there. We made the trek up the stairs and found our seats and the rest of our knitter friends!

Mary (Spinnity) and Lori...

Kevin and Chloe...

Sandi, Ruth and Kaye...

The game went into extra innings, the Giants ended up losing, but we six never saw it; instead we were here...

We ended up at Tres Agave's a couple of blocks from AT&T Park. That you see is a tequila sampler that I ordered. I was feeling brave, like the time I thought I could conquer the mechanical bull at a bar, but that is a whole other blog post! So a yummy pitcher of margaritas was ordered along with some chips and guacamole and we drank and snacked and laughed.

It was not as smooth as I thought it was going to be. But the Irish in me came through and I held it all together. Here are a few other shots from the tequila bar...

For the complete set of photos from our night in San Francisco and the baseball game, including photos of Hannah and Cindy both wearing the sheep head from this day, click here.

Ravelry Update:

You signed up on June 7, 2007
You are #7664 on the list.
997 people are ahead of you in line.
12747 people are behind you in line.
32% of the list has been invited so far

So close, yet so far away!