Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What to do, what to do?

So my knitting anniversary is rapidly approaching (July 1st, for anyone who cares) and it is a big deal to me in the way of that I have finally found something that really floats by boat. I feel like I have found my passion. My knitting technique is decent and I seem to always want to do more with it and challenge myself. I have had fun teaching basic knit and purl to several of my friends and have opened their eyes to the knitting community. So to mark my 1st anniversary I am desperately trying to complete a fitted garment. I have about 3 I am working on right now, I just have to decide which one to finish first. I should have plenty of time to complete something since I am solo for a while, the SO is out of town at the AAU Karate National Championships and won't be back until July 3rd. Plenty of time right? Maybe if I keep saying it is plenty of time, I will speak it into existence. Power of the mind. Really what I need is some knitting fairies to just show up and work some magic. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kimono Project Bags

Two blog postings in one day, I am on fire!! I had a moment that no one was in the office so I thought that I would take a couple of quick shots of my Kimono Project Bags like I said I would earlier this week. First one is the small bag that I found to be a perfect size for socks. It was the very first bag that I purchased from Tsuyosa Creations and it was not my last. In the photo of the bag open I have in there the cuff of my first sock. I am knitting with Socks That Rock, Little Bunny Foo Foo colorway on size 1 Circular Addi Lace needles. What I failed to show in the photo is the point protectors that were on my needles. Even though I believe that these bags are better than most project bags on the market with the flat bottom and lining for more durability, needles can and will puncture the bags, just not as easy with these. Bottom line, get point protectors!

Then the second bag that I purchased was a special request. I wanted a larger bag to hold larger knitting projects and Tsuyosa Creations was happy to accommodate. In the open bag photo you can see that I have the beginnings of a knitted t-shirt with a knitted hem in a contrast color (get out! I LOVE knitted hems, I actually am just showing off that I can really do that) along with 2 and a half balls of Classic Elite Wool Bamboo in Tomato colorway, hand written instructions on a sort of custom designed/fly by the seat of my pants pattern that Sandi at Purlescence helped create with all her knitting math wonderment and my size 5 Addi circular needle.

The brown wrap cardigan by Knitting Pure and Simple is 98% done, I just have the neck back to knit. But the only thing is that it will not fit around my wide hips, that is the only thing pure and simple about that pattern. I have not totally given up but that is why you do not see any photos of the completed garment just yet.

Beautiful Nail

Ok, so I saw this on Hannah's blog and I thought she was so funny!! Her name is Anjelah Johnson and she is actually from San Jose. So I found out that she is performing at the San Jose Improv on Thursday night and I sooooo want to go!! Who is up for a few laughs?
Anjelah Johnson Beautiful Nail Clip
She also has on YouYube another clip about her family, she does voices very well.

Come on you know you want to go, tickets are not expensive...maybe I will see you there!?!?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Yarn Eye Candy Friday

This is going to look very familiar to several of you out there, it is Socks That Rock in Obsidian by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. And as you can see it is wound into a nice little cake of yarn, why is that you ask? I am a little to ambitious when it comes to knitting projects and I "thought" that I was going to absolutely start knitting when I bought it, just before Easter weekend!! Well as you can see, I didn't. So I share with you, my future socks. And the funniest part of the whole thing is, I still have to learn how to knit and entire sock. *shame on me* But they are going to be fantastic when I do...

In other knitting and blogging things, I gifted a fellow knitter/blogger Twisted Knitter (Janet) a sock project bag for being such a sweet person and a great email pal. We have exchange ideas and thoughts and such and I wanted to send her something special. I have a friend in San Diego that makes these drawstring bags out of recycled kimono from Japan. When I saw them over the Easter weekend I knew that I had to have one, okay, okay it was two. I quickly figured out that they are the PERFECT size for a sock project. So Tsuyosa Creations sent me home with a small inventory to show my fellow knitters and see what they thought. They were all gone in a day and a half. No kidding. But I managed to tuck away one for Janet. I thought that it was a perfect gift for her, it covers her cultural background and she is a fantastic sock knitter you can check it out on her blog. I will post a photo of mine in the days to come. If anyone is interested in obtaining a kimono drawstring bag, here is Tsuyosa Creations website, The website is not fully up and running yet, however there is a link to email them and make your request. There is a possiblity of a local retail yarn shop carrying these fantastic bags, I will keep you updated.