Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy New Year??

You betcha! 2010 WILL BE a good year, I am going to make it the best year of my life. So either you are on board with me or get out of my way.

2009 was not so nice to me on several levels, especially the second half of the year, hence the lack of blogging. But after reading some blogs that have recapped the year I thought that would be a great start to this year. I am going to "borrow" Delia's recap idea (her year was much nicer than mine.)

January: Went to my families annual post Christmas Griffin Family Gathering. Lots-O-Fun, we do the gift stealing, this year I came home with a nut chopper.
Family 002

February: Got a new DSLR a Cannon Rebel XSi (450D). And I went to Stitches West, it is in my back yard practically how could I not? And if you want to see my daily posts click on the following links, Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4
Canon Rebel XSi 002
Kristi and THE Book 002

March: Spent the day with my niece and nephew in Bakersfield and took them to the park.
CandJ3.23.09 038

April: Went to Sensei's family reunion in Fresno, lots and lots of family. Also, had dinner with high school friends, Denise and Gina. It was great to catch up!

May: Sensei and I went to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium for the day, was a great day.
Monterey Bay Aquarium 5.25.09 036

June: Was a sad month, but I am sure I did something fun ?!?! Points for someone that can tell me something good about this month.

July: Was a sad month, but I am sure I did something fun ?!?! Points for someone that can tell me something good about this month.

August: I went to the Sock Summit in Portland, Oregon and met Barbara Walker and Meg Swansen. My daily posts about SS09 can be found here, Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Out-takes
Barbara Walker and Meg Swansen
SockSummitPortland2009 062
SockSummitPortland2009 056

September: Reconnected with a couple of high school friends, Debbie and Michelle. We had lunch in Fresno and played catch up of almost 19 years!

October: Went to Bakersfield and watched my nephew play fall baseball and Sensei play in a tennis tournament. That is my brother pitching to his son, cute...
Josiah T-ball 033
RichardTennis 081

November: My sister-in-law and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner at my Mimi's house and we wore our new cute aprons that my friend Jill hand sewn for us.

December: I had a birthday. My younger brother and his family came up from Bakersfield to see me in San Jose and my mom in San Francisco. While in San Francisco, the girls (Mom, Crystal, Caitlin and I) went and had tea at Crown and Crumpets in San Francisco, that was wonderful. And I have lived in San Jose now for 5 years and this is the first year that I have been to Christmas in the Park. The kids really loved it and it was fun for me too!