Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hall of Fame

Over the weekend my father was inducted into the Babe Ruth Baseball Hall of Fame. No, it is not Cooperstown where the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame is, but me and my family are very proud of this event. We even all gathered for it.

Left to right, my younger brother (the youth Minister) Kelly, my nephew Cody, Me, (in front of me) Josiah and Caitlin, my mom, older brother (the cop) Todd, G'ma (my maternal grandmother), Mimi (my paternal grandmother and Todd's wife Michelle. Crystal, Kelly's wife was unable to make it.

The ceremony was held where my dad started in Babe Ruth Baseball, Selma, CA on the field the city named after him. My father started as a coach in the Selma League and over time, his dedication and involvement led him to become State Commissioner for Central California. The state is divided into three sections due to the size and participation.

After the ceremony, we all went to Sal's Mexican Restaurant. If you live in the Central Valley of California, you know about Sal's! I have many memories of that restaurant, we used to sneak off campus to go and eat there when I was in high school. That story will have to wait, I will tell it, I promise.
On to knitting content. I started a project and I have given myself a deadline of June 30, let's see if I can make it. This is a sneak peak of the project.

This is the yarn that I am using.

I am still working on several different projects, Juno Regina, some children toys, the second Endpaper Mitts, ummm, there are others, but now I am a bit embarrased of how many works in progress I have, so I will stop there. And to end this post with some sugary sweetness, someone loves their Auntie very much!!


  1. How cute is that picture of you and your niece :) So happy!!

    Sounds like a great weekend and what a cool award for your dad!

  2. What a great honor! Awesome.
    And that photo of you are your nice is beautiful!!

  3. That is an awesome picture of you two! And congrats to your dad - that's so cool!

  4. OOOOHHHH Sals... my mouth is watering for that salsa right now!

    Such a neat story about your dad. My husband used to play Babe Ruth in the Selma league!

  5. Congratulations to your Dad! How exciting for all of you.

    Ahhhh . . . I see knitting! Don't be embarrassed about the WIPs . . . mine could put yours to shame!

  6. That's so cool for your Dad. Im glad you were all able to get together to celebrate.