Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's all Eleanor's fault

When I came into work late this morning from my weekly DMV appointment I found this on my chair. What’s that you say? that box can’t be full of Noro Silk Garden, there has to be packing materials in there to fill space? Ummm, NO.
It all started a little over a week ago when I wore my Lady Eleanor Stole to work. Here comes my boss walking down the isle by my cubical and she sees her.
She grabs it hold it up and declares it the best thing EVAR and asked how many balls of yarn it took and how much did it cost. She paid me compliments and stated that a chair or couch throw 3 times wider than my stole would be fabulous to have. When I broke the news to her how much I used for my stole and the cost, she admired it a little more then laid it down and quietly walked away. Then as a stroke of fate or whatever you want to call it I get an email notification from Webs like 3 minutes after my boss walks away that Noro has discontinued 4 Silk Garden colorways and were selling them for $5.79 per ball. Are you F’ing kidding me?!?! So I called her back to my desk and showed her the email. I explained to her that you rarely see this yarn this cheap and if she wanted to buy the yarn then I would knit her the throw (more like an afghan.) I emailed her the link where she could buy the yarn and said I could not promise a delivery date but if she wanted me to knit this, here was her prime opportunity and not to wait to long to make the decision, the yarn will go fast. Little did I know when I made that statement how true that was.**

A few hours later, she walks by my desk and says, “I ordered the yarn,” with a big smile on her face. She proceeded to tell me what she ordered:

Boss: So this (Lady Eleanor) took you 15 balls right?
Me: Yes
Boss: And I would like it this long but three times wider.
Me: OK (doing math in my head)
Boss: So that would be 45 balls.
Me: Yes…
Boss: I ordered 60, 15 of each color, use what you need and keep the rest.
Me: WOW, ok (then I was speechless, I know that is hard to believe, but I was)

That box is FULL of Noro Silk Garden for the project that I will be calling Koo Koo Eleanor! Berroco has a blanket/throw pattern that is called Koo Koo and I am blending that pattern with the Lady Eleanor Stole.

**Webs sold over 4000 balls for the discontinued Noro Silk Garden in 4 days. Did any of you take advantage of that sale!


  1. I did! I did! I bought 14 balls of the one on the far right in the last picture, color 226, to make the Midnight Special Circular Sweater. I've never used any kind of Noro before, so I couldn't resist the sale! I'm excited! But I have so much designing to do, I don't think I can start it for a long while... =(

  2. Holy crap! I know you told us this story last week at Boba, but now that I can actually see how much freakin' yarn that is....Holy Crap!!!

  3. I'm at once speechless and jealous.

  4. Wow, can I sit next to you when you knit this?

  5. Holy Sh*t! That's all that came to mind when I saw those photos!

  6. We {{{heart}}} your boss. Happy knitting!


    P.S. You know what? You deserve a prize for creating that sale - email me your full name/address at kathy.elkins AT yarn DOT com :)

  7. Wow wow wow!! Did you just read Kathy's comment?!! WEBS is fabulous!! I resisted the sale, but now that I see all yours..I'm questioning my sanity!

    Fabulous boss, gorgeous Lady Eleanore, love the yarn!!!

  8. MMmmmm a box full of silk garden....heaven!

  9. If you don't already know how to knit backwards now is the perfect time to learn with that much entrelac ahead of you.:D

  10. OMFG. You are going to be knitting for eva! Good luck to you...

  11. I can't believe I missed that sale! Geez, what was I thinking! If only I knew, I would of hoarded all kinds of Noro.
    It is so nice of you to do that for your boss, she must be a good boss 8)

  12. Holy crap! It's amazing how some non-knitters will drop that much $$ on yarn without batting an eye. It's sorta relieving to know that there's still people out there that appreciate a good material. She picked really pretty colors!