Tuesday, July 27, 2010



As the sun rises on a new day

our love will grow in a special way

Lisa Jalaine Lowery


Richard Dean Barefield II

ask that you join us for an intimate ceremony
of the beginning of our new life
together as husband and wife
Sunday, the tenth of October
two thousand and ten
at eight in the morning

Ko Olina Beach
Kapolei - Oahu, Hawaii

Yep! We are getting married. And yes, you read that right, we are marrying at 8am. Since we picked such a popular date, 10/10/10 that was the only time that we could get the wedding photographer that I wanted. Needles to say "he" is not happy about the time. I pointed out that we have gotten up as early or even earlier for karate tournaments and tennis tournaments, he can do the same for his wedding. So the upshot to marrying that early on a Sunday morning is there will be less people out on the beach, the lighting will be amazing and there will be little to no wind. The pictures should be fantastic. We are going to a champagne brunch afterwards and then later that night we are going to get our luau on!

At the request of friends and family, here is a link to our wedding website:
And here is our wedding (actually honeymoon) registry: https://www.marriottregistry.com/Lisa-Richard

Ok, I am off to do some more wedding planning. Contemplating veil or no veil?


  1. Oh how exciting! Congratulations!

  2. You need to remind him that it isn't "8AM" it's 11am for his body! :)