Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kimono Project Bags

Two blog postings in one day, I am on fire!! I had a moment that no one was in the office so I thought that I would take a couple of quick shots of my Kimono Project Bags like I said I would earlier this week. First one is the small bag that I found to be a perfect size for socks. It was the very first bag that I purchased from Tsuyosa Creations and it was not my last. In the photo of the bag open I have in there the cuff of my first sock. I am knitting with Socks That Rock, Little Bunny Foo Foo colorway on size 1 Circular Addi Lace needles. What I failed to show in the photo is the point protectors that were on my needles. Even though I believe that these bags are better than most project bags on the market with the flat bottom and lining for more durability, needles can and will puncture the bags, just not as easy with these. Bottom line, get point protectors!

Then the second bag that I purchased was a special request. I wanted a larger bag to hold larger knitting projects and Tsuyosa Creations was happy to accommodate. In the open bag photo you can see that I have the beginnings of a knitted t-shirt with a knitted hem in a contrast color (get out! I LOVE knitted hems, I actually am just showing off that I can really do that) along with 2 and a half balls of Classic Elite Wool Bamboo in Tomato colorway, hand written instructions on a sort of custom designed/fly by the seat of my pants pattern that Sandi at Purlescence helped create with all her knitting math wonderment and my size 5 Addi circular needle.

The brown wrap cardigan by Knitting Pure and Simple is 98% done, I just have the neck back to knit. But the only thing is that it will not fit around my wide hips, that is the only thing pure and simple about that pattern. I have not totally given up but that is why you do not see any photos of the completed garment just yet.

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