Thursday, August 30, 2007

On a Mission

Some of you may know already that I have two brothers, one older brother who is a Sergeant Detective in the Central Valley (related story here) and a younger brother who is a youth minister. For those of you that were entertained by the movie Bad Boys and Will Smiths character, my brother is a real Detective Lowery! Anyway, this entry is actually about the my younger brother who is referred to by his youth group as PK (Pastor Kelly.) Back in July PK took several of his youth group members and his wife to Zimbabwe, Africa on a missions trip. They took hours of video and have put together a little sample of what they experienced and what they had to offer to the children of Zimbabwe. The video takes a little bit to buffer but is worth a look. Click on this link and then you will see three different videos of each missions trip, the Africa trip is the second one. I am very proud of my brother both professionally and as a family man. I was 6 when he was born so I watched him grow up into quite an extraordinary man. I think my father would have been very proud of him.

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