Thursday, December 21, 2006

Whew that was close...

Yesterday ended up being a good day for me. It was my birthday. Lately I have not been a fan of getting older and yesterday was no exception, however it was an event filled day to say the least. It started with Sensei and I waking up to go to work, not a mention of Happy Birthday from him. I couldn't believe it!! My mother calls to wish me a Happy Birthday and I missed her call. Sensei called to sing Happy Birthday to me and I missed that call too. So I am in the car in front of the house letting it warm up and I listen to my messages. I proceed to call Sensei and we chat as I now drive away from the house. I then try to return my mothers call and she doesn't answer the phone. I am now on the freeway going to work and listening to the radio, Adam Corolla has Hootie and the Blowfish in studio doing an interview, I love Hootie and the Blowfish. I am zipping along enjoying the radio show and look down to notice that I was going about 80 mph. I am in a 65 mph zone, I said to myself, I need to slow down, I would hate to get a ticket on my birthday! Then 2 things happen at the same time, I look in my back mirror and notice a shiny black and white CHP car 2 cars behind me, but still in FULL view of my speeding Honda Accord and my mother is now ringing my cell phone. I drop speed immediately and pick up the phone. I inform her that I believe that I have narrowly escaped getting a speeding ticket just now and that if I had gotten pulled over that there was no way that I would get a ticket IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. Besides I could talk my way out of it right? So we go on chatting for just another minute and the CHP has now made a move on me, he is right behind me. I signal over, I am thinking that he has some where to go, some bad people to bust. But sadly, he then pulls even with me and looks right at me grabs his seat belt pulls it forward and mouths something along the lines of "did you forget your seat belt?" but it was with a bit of irritation. I then gave him the academy award winning dumb struck look, smiled sweetly and put my seat belt on. I will not be getting the Oscar, he pulled behind me and lit up the lights and pulled me over, on MY BIRTHDAY!!! He gets out of the car and I roll down the window and the conversation went like this:

Officer: You know I pulled you over because you were not wearing your seat belt.
Me: Yes, I know, I am sorry but it is MY BIRTHDAY and I was on the phone with my mom and she was wishing me a Happy Birthday.
Officer: Well that is no excuse and besides you were not on the phone with your mother the entire time. (this is when I figured out that he caught me speeding and was pacing me to give me the ticket, he had been watching me but I slowed down.)
Me: Your right but I had been getting calls since I got in the car and it just slipped my mind.
Officer: I need to see your license and registration.

So I pulled out my registration and got my wallet out. Now my wallet has the trump card if my birthday will not get me off. So I slid my license out and exposed what was hiding behind my license. I would love to say, but since this is a public forum, I should really not expose the exact contents of what is behind my license so that I may protect the innocent. I then prop the wallet open on top of my knitting bag in full view of the officer so that he may glance at it. He did. This is how the event ended...

Officer: Is that your husband or your father?
Me: No that is my brother, he is a Sergent Detective in _______________________.
Officer: Where is that?
Me: It is south east of Fresno.
Officer: Ok, well you really need to be wearing your seat belt at all times.
Me: I understand and I usually do:
Officer: Tell your brother that the CHP rocks! (no lie, he really said that.)
Me: I will, thank you very much.
Officer: Drive safe.

Yes, I didn't get the ticket. Whew!! I called my brother and thanked him for my birthday gift, he said he didn't get me anything and I said thank you for being a police officer, that was gift enough for me!

When I arrived at work this is what I saw...

I got the book of cables that I really really wanted. Thanks Holly!! And a tray of sugar cookies and teas from Jackie, they were yummy too.

After work I went to my favorite yarn store, Purlescense to get some more knitting done before I was off to dinner with Sensei. When I came in Chloe came over and handed me a large envelope that had a gift certificate from Sensei. What a surprise. It was fantastic that he thought to do that, support my yarn addiction, hehehehehe. So Chloe and Nathania are going to be on the look our for the perfect red yarn to make me my first sweater.

Also, I have posted the photos of the Red Felted Tote on my Finished Objects page. I must update that too, because I have many more finished objects that that.

Also, here is the photo of the great things that I have received from my Secret pal in Illinois.

She really has gotten to know me and has really read my blog and it is evident by they things that she has given me, my love of cables and purses, she got me a cabled purse pattern with all the tools need to make it, it was great!


  1. Happy Birthday, Lisa!

    A big WHEW on not getting a ticket! ;-) Whatever you carry in your wallet is magical indeed.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday :)
    I sure hope you liked all the stuff I sent you. Please post a picture of the cable purse once finished.

    Merry Christmas
    Your Secret Pal

  3. Lisa,
    Thank you so much for your last package. I loved the santa sheep knitting needles, pattern, and yarn.....not to mention the super yummy popcorn chocolate stuff from diet hell!! hope you had a great birthday and an awesome holiday. thanks for being such a great pal!


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  5. Lisa:
    This is your brother.....your BIG brother. I read your comment about the ticket.....or near ticket. You can say I'm a Police Officer and that you had my business card with your license. It will not get me into trouble. If anyone would come close to get into trouble it would be the CHP officer who decided to give you a warning, not me. Remember, my business card in your wallet is simply for information in case it was needed during an emergency......not to get you out of TROUBLE!!!!

    Your loving brother and Police Sergeant,