Friday, October 05, 2007

Given Up

Well after several phone calls to a Bakersfield Post Office, it is over, the socks are never to be seen by the rightful owners. The manager spoke with the letter carrier for that route and he said that he did not remember that particular package ( I really was not thinking that he would.) He also stated that the carriers are ONLY to leave packages at the door when it is stated on the package itself, I did not make that statement. The manger instructed him to never leave packages at the door from now on unless clearly stated ( that does not help me!) He apologized (that doesn't really help me either, but it was the right thing for him to do.) I have learned my lesson, never send anything in the mail that I have knitted without a signature required. A couple of bright thing are, 1.) at least it was not a hand knit cashmere sweater and 2.) my niece and nephew only wear a kids size 11 and 8 shoes, little feet, quick to re-knit (that will have to wait though.)
By the way, thank you all for your comments and personal emails!

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  1. That stinks!! I'm so sorry that they didn't show up :( But you're right, thank goodness they have little feet.