Monday, October 08, 2007

Great Weekend

My weekend was great on several different levels. First of which was that the Irish finally won a game this season. But, I am not sure if I am more excited about Notre Dame's win or USC's loss to Stanford. Yes, you heard me right, USC LOST to Stanford. The Trees beat the Trojans!!!! My heart did a little pitter patter. Second happy thing was the celebration of Nathania and Kevin's birthdays on Saturday. They are both very special people and I was honored to attend. Friends gathered and brought things to snack, I brought crack, I mean King Eggroll, the best egg rolls that you will ever eat! And finally the knitting. I have attached the sleeves to the Ribby Pulli, started the second color (Twisted in Obsidian) and started my sleeve cap shaping. I have only 5 more days to get this sweater completed for Purlescence Yarns 1st Birthday Party October 13th. They are having a group photo for everyone that has knit the Ribby Pulli or one of the several variations in the pattern. So if you have knit this pattern, go to Purlescence and join the rest of us! The photo was taken pre-attachment.


  1. Mmmmm . . . eggrolls.

    You can do it! I have faith!

  2. It sure was a great weekend, wasn't it!! I was so happy that they not only lost to Stanford, but an unranked Stanford..haha Petey! At home too. Ouch!

    Good luck finishing the Ribbi Pulli!! You can do it!! I'm so bummed I won't be there for the birthday celebration..I'll be in Tahoe (that's not too horrible!).