Sunday, June 01, 2008

Aint gunna dew it...

This coming July will be 2 years since I learned how to knit. And while I have learned to surround myself with talented knitters it seems that many of them are talented spinners too. All the while I have been watching knitters taking the plunge into spinning. I kept stating that spinning is not in my future, I needed to learn everything about knitting before I learned to spin. And honestly I thought that excuse would work. It started with, I have not complete a sweater, done-I have not learned cables, done-I have to learn to steek, done-I need to learn fair isle, done-need to learn sock, done-I need to learn lace knitting, in progress. Now I realize that is not "everything" about knitting, but you get what I mean.

So I finally made it to Mary's (mother to knitters starting spinning) monthly spin-in. I toodled in there with my plate of Snickerdoodles and my knitting bag with 2 current projects and found a comfy chair and started knitting. And then Mary said, "I am using my drop spindle, my wheel is free, LISA" nudge nudge. Well she didn't have to twist my arm that hard actually. Prior to this day, Sensei said to me that he would buy me a spinning wheel but that I had to learn to spin a bit before he bought the wheel. I found that to be a reasonable request since wheels are not cheap.

Into the fiber stash Mary and I went and we pulled out this fiber.
While Mary was untangling some singles that she was plying, Janice (another fabulous knitter/spinner) got me started. I learn some lingo, but the phrase I heard the most was, "DON"T LET GO" She was referring to my back hand while trying to draft and when I stopped treadling cause I had to much twist I would let go with my back hand. Anyway, all I can say is that it is a real learning process, one of which I am still willing to learn, Mary and Janice were great to help me get my feet wet.

So let me show you what I made, now you can't laugh, it was my first and I know I will get better when I learn to draft better.

Now the funniest thing that was said was this morning several hours after my foray in to spinning. Sensei and I were cuddling this morning talking about our up coming week and things we need to do and our future together and he says, " When we have our children and they bring home some drawing they did in pre-school and it looks like a mess, what are you going to say to them?" I of course replied that I would praise them and tell them how beautiful it was. Without skipping a beat he said, "Baby, your yarn you spun is really beautiful" We started to laugh so hard I almost peed my pants!


  1. Ok, THAT was funny. Welcome to the dark side! So - when are you getting your wheel?? :)

  2. Honey, your yarn really IS beautiful! I predict that it won't be too long before he buys that wheel for you.

  3. Oh, you gave me a good laugh this morning! He is a very impish sensei!

    Enjoy spinning, it is a wonderful meditation!

  4. As Ms. "no-blog" says (who I got to spin with on Saturday)...
    WELCOME! The Dark Side can always use a few more minions!! Your yarn looks cool!! Just keep doing it. I was spinning just to spin this weekend being a beginner with a wheel and you know what? I'll be damned if the bobbin I brought back from Livermore wasn't better than my first! Keep it up!!

  5. Welcome to the world of spinners! Next year after you're experienced at spinning and you want to try spinning artyarn, remember what you did today!

  6. Hey, Lisa. I'm still using the spindle. Wanna borrow my wheel? Bwahahahah!

  7. Aw, I think that is the sweetest thing evah! I really do.

    All spinners start with Colinette Point 5. It looks great. :) And yes, you'll get more even with practice...then later you'll have to work at making stuff like this! Welcome to the Dark Side, er, I mean, the wonderful world of spinning!

  8. Knew we'd get you eventually! :)