Monday, June 23, 2008

Not a fan...

Before anyone decides to post bad comments regarding this post, let me just say, to each is own and I respect peoples love for certain things in their lives. But I am putting it on record that I am not a fan of the color Orange. Never have, never will. I don't own anything orange, it is not a flattering color to me at all. Many people have knitted beautiful projects with different variations of orange colored yarn. One person in particular I can think of is my friend in Texas, Twisted Knitter. She did the Irish Hiking Scarf in an orange colored yarn, looks great, for her; me not so much. So a true test of friendship is when you ask me to knit orange colored yarn.

Granted it was just some finishing work, but still, it was ORANGE. Actually, it was Texas Longhorn Burnt Orange color and you will see it knit up in a book sometime next year. Only for YOU (you know who you are.)

But I have devised a list of 10 things in random order that are orange in color that I do like so you can see that I am only prejudice to the color...

  1. Oranges (the fruit)
  2. Gerber Daisy
  3. Golden Gate Bridge (yes it is orange!)
  4. Orange Bell Peppers
  5. Pumpkins
  6. Thai Tea
  7. Chloe and Eddie's Honda Element
  8. Koi
  9. Sun Setting
  10. Clown Fish (Nemo)

So tell me, what color do you not like to knit?


  1. Pink.
    Hate pink.
    I'll knit it if I have to (aka fer money), but not by choice.

  2. Black. Like the color, don't like knitting with it. Makes me feel as if I'm going freakin' BLIND!

    And I'm in the middle of knitting a big ol' sweater with black yarn. That's how I know...

  3. I bleed Texas Longhorn Orange. ^_^

  4. I so agree with you! I only knit orange stuff for sister. Thank goodness Snowboarder hasn't asked for a Longhorns hat (I think he just knows that would be pushing it!).

    Hey, is that the book you mentioned Friday?

  5. Not a fan of yellow. I have done it, but not entirely willingly!

  6. If Cathy is the Queen of all purple I'll be the
    Queen of all things orange.
    I loooooooooooove orange.

  7. But you asked about colors we don't like to knit.
    Plain yellow, not a fan off.

    and ps, you were a very good friend for knitting orange.

  8. I share your aversion to orange, but partly because it's a safety color we are sometimes required to wear for work and partly because every time my relatives from Asia send me an item of clothing when I was a kid, it was orange.

    I have a love/hate thing with yellow, but it depends on what kind of yellow it is.

  9. you must hate the background color of my blog... :-)