Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Opening Ceremonies

I had a dilemma Friday at work. My boss came by my desk waiving Club Level tickets to the Giants vs Dodger game asking me if I wanted them. Well of course I do, the company tickets to a Dodger game is damn near impossible to get. "When is it ?" I ask like a silly girl, tonight she says...ouch. The dilemma is, I love the Olympics, my knitting friends and when drinking is involved that is a trifecta...but I love going to Giants games and its even better when I have Club Level seats and they are FREE. Then I uttered the word that shocked both me and my boss, "I can't, I have plans already."

Some of the Team BobaKnit knitters gathered at the Firehouse in Sunnyvale, CA to watch the opening ceremonies and WOW what a site they were. I knew that it would be spectacular, but it was more than I had expected, even if we could not hear what was happening or the commentary. BobaKnitters in attendance were, Jeni, Teenuh, Jill, Linda, Juls, Margit, Julia, and Sheetal. There was knitting, food and of course there were drinks!

The sad thing about my knitting is the cuff of that sock was already done when I got there, I only completed 4 rounds after that. I was loving the Cosmos just a little too much to knit. Our server was fun, he had a great sense of humor. I wanted some coffee with my desert and while trying to express to him that I like a lot of cream I said to him, "I like a little coffee with my cream." I guess you should be careful of what you ask for...

Oh and since I was having too much fun and forgot to get my camera out, I totally stole these pictures from Teenuh's Flickr stream. She has other great pictures from that night on her blog. Thanks Teenuh.

In hind site, I am super glad that I passed on the baseball tickets. A good time was had by all of us watching the Beijing Opening Ceremonies and the Giants lost that night anyway, Saturdays game was better :)

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  1. Weren't the Opening Ceremonies awesome?? Add in the cosmos and yes, you must have had a great time!!