Friday, August 08, 2008

Ready, Set, Cast On!!

I love the Olympics, Summer or Winter, makes no difference. Our TV will be tuned to the station with the games everyday. The 1984 Los Angeles Olympics I was 12 years old, I stayed with my grandparents in the San Fernando Valley and they took me to see the torch go by on its route. I took pictures (that I can't find at the moment) and it was memorable to watch.

And now that I knit, I am participating in the Ravelympics this year. You must cast on a project during the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics (Aug. 8)- and finish before the Olympic flame goes out (Aug. 24). That’s 17 days. I have joined Team Bobaknit and entered two events, Sockput ( knit a pair of socks) and WIP Wrestling (finish a project that is already underway.)

Tonight our team is gathering at the Firehouse in Sunnyvale, CA to watch the Opening Ceremonies together and root each other on as we knit to the finish line!

What are you event are you knitting in and what is the project?

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  1. Yay!! I've got the opening ceremonies on right now!!

    I entered Sweater Sprint. Sockput. Baby Dressage (baby booties, should be quick...meant to do them before the Olympics, but since I didn't and the shower is next week, well, might as well cast on), and WIP Wrestling (finish trickle...this is my long shot). Call. Me. Crazy. But I LOVE the Olympics :)