Friday, September 26, 2008

Just a Thursday night in San Francisco

So last night my friend Juanita (fabulous singer) and I went to San Francisco because I called in and won tickets to the annual Alice 97.3 karaoke contest at Ruby Skye. I blogged about it here and to be honest, when I blogged about it, Juanita was the first person I thought of to go with. We headed north after work, found the place, parked the car and got something to eat a Max's and then proceeded to the event. After watching several people, some scared, some drunk, some tone deaf and think that they are the next best thing and then some, well all I can say is-bless their hearts they tried. Then this happened...

The embeding thing is not working, click here to see

The crowd went wild, no other person got that great of a reaction, the night was GREAT!! Yay Juanita!!!


  1. Ack! It says the video is no longer available. I'll check again later to see if it comes back.

  2. She was the winner wasn't she? Congrats!

    I heard tidbits about the contest on Alice on my way to work this morning. I caught the tail end of Mark Pita describing how one contestant gave him a really hard time about her score.

  3. She was awesome. She really had the crowd going. Now the big question is, did she cut you in?

  4. Woohoo!! Go Juanita!! Fabulous video!! Yay!! Yarn money!!

  5. OMG Juanita!! I loved every minute of the video!!
    What a powerful energy!! Thank you for sharing I couldn't sit still in my seat!