Monday, September 15, 2008

Pattern: Helena
Size: 2 yr old
Materials: Rowan Wool Cotton in Clear colorway
Amount: 4 balls (615 yrds)
Needles: 4.0mm/US 6
Start Date: August 31, 2008
Finish Date: September 12, 2008
A co-worker of mine has been trying for a baby for years only after learning that they were unable to conceive, they were graced with the opportunity to adopt a young unwed girl's baby. Alicyn Kate was born in February 2008. I knit an infant hat for my co-worker for the baby with a promise of something bigger later. Well, this is the "bigger later."

Helena from Knitty Summer 2008 will be my “go to” baby/toddler sweater pattern from now on, it is a great pattern. I opted to do buttons instead of ties. Rowan Wool Cotton is a GREAT baby yarn, it show great stitch definition, supper soft and it is machine washable (gentle in cold water.) Baby's mother only request was that it was an icy blue color to match her babies eyes. Hopefully when the weather turns colder, baby will have grown enough to wear the cardigan this winter. I will be sure to get action shots then.

Now to non-knitting news....

I cut my hair! Cutting my hair is sort of a big deal. I am not that disciplined in several areas of my life and keeping my hair styled and cut is one of them. So enjoy it while you can! I did not dye it, just cut, but it does look a bit darker than usual. I have had mixed reviews from friends, mostly in the "Love it " column.

These pictures are of the second day after the cut. It is much shorter in the back than the front and I chose to get some heavy bangs this time. It has been years since I had bangs, we are talking early 1990's.

Ok, later this week, more knitting... I am seeing lots of blue in my future!


  1. Great haircut! And the Helena looks terrific too.


    But you knew I'd love it, right?


  3. Love the haircute!! It looks fabulous!!!

    Sweater is cute too of course!

  4. I love your hair -- but especially the bangs! It's gorgeous!

    I saw your Helena on Ravelry last week and am in love with it -- such a great color!

  5. Cute sweater! At some point I may make a larger version for one of my monkeys.

    Love your new haircut!