Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Au Revoir and Danke

Sunday I attended a going away party for a fellow knitter friend of mine, Jeni. She is moving to Omaha, NE to be closer with her family. Jeni is a great knitter, designer and friend. She was one of the first few knitters that welcomed me when I started knitting and I will always be grateful to her for her kindness towards me, I will miss seeing her weekly at the Boba Knitting. Wow, this is starting to sound like an obituary...she is very much a live, you can see here and here (forgot my camera so I have to direct you to other blogs) and she will be back for visits and for STITCHES!! Jeni, don't forget to knit our Hazel Knits sock yarn in time for Stitches. So that was the Au Revoir part, now to the Danke part...

I fully support my favorite LYS's, Purlescence Yarns and Bobbin's Nest, and you too should support your favorite LYS, it is good karma. But there is no reason that our favorite online stores can't get some love too. Remember this purchase by my boss? Well Kathy Elkins of WEBS was alerted to my blog post and commented. To my surprise she enjoyed the story and wanted to thank me for "creating" a huge sale, a few days later I received this...
A very nice "thank you" gift no? In the package is seven balls of Valley Yarns Hadley, a 50% wool and 50% silk blend in the Elderberry colorway (the picture is showing it a little darker than it really is) also included is a Lantern Moon silk project bag a pattern for a shawl and scarf that I can use the Hadley with and a nice handwritten note card. It was all unexpected and very gracious, thank you Kathy, see you at Stitches West?!?

Now, my latest project that I have cast on for...

Yes, it is red, my favorite color and I realized that I have not knit anything for myself in red. So I am now. The yarn is Plymouth Suri Merino that I bought at Purlescence Yarns almost two years ago. It was my surprise birthday present from Sensei that year. I went into the shop and and they said, "Oh Lisa, there is an envelope for you here" and when I opened it I found a gift certificate for $100 from Sensei. I know, all together now, AAHHHHHH. At first I was going to knit the Refined Raglan from Interweave Knits Winter 2006 but after reading some of the Ravelry posts about the yarn being REALLY warm, I thought that a pullover would not be the best option. I am hoping to have this done and ready to wear for Thanksgiving. Here is to best laid plans.


  1. See, when you're a good person, good things happen! That's an awesome package from WEBS.

  2. I'm so glad you liked the package. It's always hard picking yarn for someone else :) Enjoy!