Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lets finish, shall we??

My niece turned 7 yesterday, I called her to wish her a Happy Birthday. She and her family were on the way to dinner, and I asked her where she was going.

Me: Where are you going to eat for your Birthday?
Niece: CPK
Me: CPK???
Niece: (insert an annoyed and disbelief voice) California Pizza Kitchen Aunt Lisa!
Me: Oh yeah, CPK.

Who knew my 7 year old niece was so hip to us acronyms?? Hopefully she will look hip when I get this sweater all sewn up. I need to get on it because I think the hemmed neck and button bands that I am planning are going to take some concentration to look good.

I hope she will like the hidden pink on the hem facing and besides the pink, I added a little surprise in the hem to show you later.

And speaking of finishing, I need to get further along on this very colorful project. Remember the Webs purchase? Well this is where that purchase resides in my living room, a nice DEEP lined basket. I have 5 tiers of the blanket done, but I was hoping to have it complete by Stitches West so that I could show Kathy what became of all the yarn she shipped to me.

Pictures are going to have to do for now. I am going to be setting a deadline for myself on this project, if not, then this will linger for years I am afraid. Plus, who wants to knit a blanket in a California summer?

Speaking of Stitches West, I will be there Thursday through Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing people that I have not seen for awhile (Kristi and Jeni especially) and I hope to meet new knitters and create new friendships. So if you see me, I don't see you, make sure you say hello!

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