Saturday, August 08, 2009

Portland Sock Summit Day 3

Ok, there is so much to say, but lets face it, you just want to see the pictures! So I will keep the talking to a minimum. First up, a Portland must...

And what does come in this pink box....

From this Portland landmark...

Jasmin with her Voodoo Doughnut

And Amanda from Lorna's Laces and Nathania Apple enjoying their Voodoo Doughnuts.

Who did I meet today? Most all of you toe up sock knitters have this lady to thank, Judy Becker of Judy's Magical Cast-on!

She was so lovely and so smart and just a great person to hang and knit with. And other people I met? How about Nancy Bush, she likes Merlot, just in case you wanted to know...

This was taken after a long day and a couple of glasses of wine. She then was heading out to dinner with Ann Budd.

Then we met up with Sandi Wiseheart, wow, she is fun to hang out with!

She and I had the same thing to eat for dinner, Lamb wants a bite too as you can see. I had dug into mine already and decided that I wanted a picture so this is really Sandi's food. It was the best Mac n' Cheese that I had ever eaten!

Besides the Mac n' Cheese, several drinks and laughs (many many laughs, whoop! whoop!) were exchanged.

My market place finds? I found this guy at Skacel knitting all these socks on one really long circular needle.

I bought yarn from Webs, yes, it is lace weight and I am at a sock knitting event, but this was an UNBELIEVABLE price and could not be turned down, seriously

Besides the lace weight yarn, I found this too.

And lets not forget some beautiful tools, these are ebony and I am in love. Now I just have to drop a stitch so I can use one, I am sure that it will happen naturally soon.

I have much more to show you. I am a day behind, sorry I am just having to much fun to keep it timely. But seriously, stay tunned, I got emotional today (Saturday) and you will find out why. It was the whole reason I came to SS09, can't wait to show you.


  1. Loving the updates! Thanks for posting each day - it's fun to see what's going on.


  2. You got some great stuff! I like that the Misti Alpaca is coming in skeins now instead of the balls it came in before. And lovely color!

    Is that prosciutto in your mac and cheese? Because it looks lie heaven from here.

    Glad you're having fun!

  3. I'm loving your updates and what awesome photos!

    Can't wait to read more . . .

  4. I love the pictures of all the knitting luminaries and all that food! Where did you find that Mac and Cheese? Your purchases look amazing.


  5. holy crap that is the best picture of me ever!!! can i steal it for my facebook?