Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Portland Sock Summit Day 4 (long day, long post)

Ok, where did we leave off? Oh that is right, it is now Saturday of the Sock Summit and today is the day that I am to meet Meg Swansen. There were two major reasons I came to Sock Summit, first and foremost-Barbara Walker and second-Meg Swansen. I had a feeling that this was going to be my one and only opportunity to see these ladies and nothing was going to get in my away. I was fortunate to get a spot in one of Meg Swansen's class, however I did not get a spot in Barbara Walkers class or lecture.

SockSummitPortland2009 059

So Maribel and I took the Elizabeth Zimmermann's Wearable Art Stockings and when we arrived to the class only the seats in the last two rows were open. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get there to sit in the front but oh well. Class is about to start and the back door opens, I turn to look to see who is coming in and it is Barbara G. Walker. BGW takes a seat behind me quietly and pulls out her knitting and class starts. I have to say, Amy Detjen (Meg's assistant) IS the funniest woman in knitting.

SockSummitPortland2009 076

Meg is witty, charming and knowledgeable; Amy is hysterical, but BGW is sitting behind me and it took everything I had to not just pick up my stuff and sit next to her and see what she was knitting (it was re purposed pinkish mauve yarn and she was knitting socks) , how was her lunch, what did you eat? Ya know, chat like girlfriends. It would have been rather rude to Meg if I did that, so I refrained, until there was a break....

SockSummitPortland2009 062

I had this whole well thought out statement of gratitude that I was rehearsing in my head for like an hour and a half. I grab my camera, grab Maribel's arm demanding she come with me and I lean over and with a shaky smile and say,

"Would you mind terribly to pose for a photograph with me?"
She replies, "No, I would not mind."

I could not sit down fast enough, I really thought my legs were going to come out from under me. I put on my stupidest smile and Maribel snaps the photo. Then here is where I am going to regret telling you the whole story. I then slide off the chair, remain squatting in front of BGW and proceed to say,

"I have to tell you, you are THE number one reason I came to the Sock Summit." Queue the very shaky voice and tears (I mean real tears.) BGW give me a Ahh and reached over and touched my arm. I then had more brilliant words to say,

"I am going to go now, I am starting to cry."

Well I was pretty much crying already and I am pretty sure that I bolted out of the room to really get emotional.

SockSummitPortland2009 056

I was over the moon! So i had to collect myself and get back to class, break was going to be over and Meg waits on no one. During class, we were witness to Meg Swansen clarifying her understanding of who invented SSK. Meg asked BGW, "did you invent SSK?" and BGW replied, "well, I suppose, I knew of no one else doing that before." And then Amy Detjen cried and the room clapped and cheered.

Barbara Walker and Meg Swanson

1. SockSummitPortland2009 073, 2. SockSummitPortland2009 074, 3. SockSummitPortland2009 072, 4. SockSummitPortland2009 071, 5. SockSummitPortland2009 070, 6. SockSummitPortland2009 069, 7. SockSummitPortland2009 068, 8. SockSummitPortland2009 067, 9. SockSummitPortland2009 066, 10. SockSummitPortland2009 064, 11. SockSummitPortland2009 063, 12. SockSummitPortland2009 067, 13. SockSummitPortland2009 064

After class we sat with Judy Becker and had an impromptu lesson on how to hand wind your yarn, I love this woman, she is great! Then we were off to dinner with the ladies of Abstract Fibers. Once we realized what time it was, we hurried off to grab the MAX to get to the Ravelry party. Once we got there albeit late, we still had some fun.

My creation

Cristi (turtlegirl71) and Stacey came with us back to our hotel for the After After Party. Well, we had a blast! There was lots of wine then more drinks just started appearing. There are pictures and video, however, I have nothing that is appropriate to share here on this blog. Believe me, knitters DO have fun! I think the video just might find its way to YouTube and become viral!

Stay tuned, there will be more to come tomorrow.


  1. Man I hope that video makes it to Youtube. It was so fun & it was great to meet you all.

    And that is a lovely story about Meg & Barbara - I would have loved to have been in that class.

  2. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day!! And such great pictures Lisa!!!

  3. WOW! Great post and wonderful photos. A day you'll always remember, I'm sure.