Monday, December 11, 2006

More of Gma's 80th B-day...

As promised, the lady in the middle is my 80 year young grandmother Jalaine with her two older sisters, Wilma on the left and Beth on the right. My grandmother is the baby of six kids. She had a great time as you can see.

And this is the Clapotis that I knitted and presented to her for her birthday. It is obviously blocking in this photo. But the funny part about the blocking process is that I had to get a box and pins from my grandmother in order to block it at my other grandmothers house because she didn't have any thing I could use. So the Clapotis spent the week blocking in my Mimi's spare room until I could get back down there to gift wrap the wrap. Since I did not have the Clapotis to wrap, I had to find something clever to use to wrap it in that would take only a couple of minutes, see the wine box with the hot pink and purple wavy stripes on the right of her? Clever huh? And to the left of her is the largest wicker basket ever and it is full of yarn for her to crochet her heart out that my mom and uncle gave her. So I have gone full circle with the Clapotis from cast on to birthday gift.

My humble contribution to the party was the table decorations. I decided to make orchid arrangements (surprise surprise?!) with curly willow branches. The photo does not show the curly willow that well, but trust me its there. However it is also an interesting photo of my great aunt Wilma and my 2 year old nephew Josiah. I put rocks and fake water in the skinny vases, I had a really good time making them, 12 of them in all. From the photo here you can see that she thought they were real and had real water in them. Grandma passed them out to her guests when the party was over. She was so happy with them that she wants to make some other arrangements similar to these. So I promised that I would come down after the Holidays and we would go to Michaels and purchase everything and spend the day making silk arrangements.


  1. that shawl was pretty . . . lucky grandmother . . . whats OTN now? Secret Pal

  2. Look at her! She is one happy granny!

    The clapotis looks great and look at that basket of yarn!

  3. Wow, the clapotis is just gorgeous!!