Monday, December 04, 2006

Spelling lesson

Since I can't post any photos of my completed knitting because they are Christmas gifts for some people that read this blog, I thought that I would share my love of Orchids. Here is your Orchid for the day, maybe I will make this a routine in my blog. And yes Mom, your gift is finally finished! I finished it last night while watching TV. And when I have not torchered myself enough, I started my best friend Irene's gift this morning. And later today I am going to be casting on for my boyfriends knitted cap that he requested. Seems that his head gets cold when he goes out to golf in the morning. So I have a brown colored yarn to match his brown golf shoes.
Family news, my maternal grandmother turned 80 this past Saturday. We had a very nice party for her with lots of friends and family in attendance. I think I have mentioned that she crochets, well my mother and her brother bought my g'ma (grandmother) the largest wicker laundry basket that Michaels sells and FILLED it with yarn. I mean lots of yarn. From what I heard, I didn't count them, there were about 58 skiens of yarn. So we all have put in orders for aphgans. Get to hooking g'ma! (OH, I don't think that sounded right, hehehehe) I will down load the photos of my very young 80 year old g'ma for you all to see. I would hope that I look just half as good as she does when I turn 80!
Some of you know this but for the others of you that don't, I was a cheerleader for about 10 years in my younger days, much younger days. And I have a little cheer for you all that I did on Saturday. Here goes...
U-C-L-A (insert pumping fist in the air) RAH RAH RAH !!!
I am sooooo happy that USC lost on Saturday. It was fantastic!!! And if you know me or have ever read part of my blog, you know that I am a HUGE Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan. So ANYONE that beats USC I am a fan of. But I do have a warm spot in my heart for UCLA anyway, my father was a UCLA fan. Which leads me to a story (totally unintentional) unrelated to college football, but it is sort of funny and shows what a real dork that I am.
I am not sure what year this took place but I was not very old, could speak well and had learned to spell some very simple words. So my dad gets tickets to the UCLA basketball game and we go to his mothers house in Panorama City for the weekend. I, being a daddy's girl and wanted to do EVERYTHING that he did, I begged him to take me. He obviously could not because he didn't have an extra ticket and UCLA basketball games were selling out during that period of time. But my dad always liked to play a joke on you and have a little laugh, so he tells me, "If you can spell UCLA, I will let you go to the game." He asked this because he knew I would fail. But I gave it my best... "Y-O-U, S-E-E," then I was stuck, and with my best puckered lip and wattery eyes, I said, "Daddy, how do you spell L?" He laughed and hugged me and said that he would see me after the game. When he got back, he gave me a UCLA key chain showing me how it is really spelled or I guess not spelled. I don't have the keychain anymore, but I still remember that night.

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  1. Beautiful orchid! :-)

    I've been reading a lot of blogs in which nobody can show their "gift knitting" *le sigh*

    Oh well . . . something to look forward to AFTER the holidays!