Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Barry Bonds and Mas Tequila !! Photo Heavy

So last night was the yearly Stitch n Pitch game with the San Francisco Giants. This years game was possibly going to be history making since Barry Bonds is only 3 home runs from breaking the all time home run record. Sadly the knitters did not witness history. We did however freak out the muggles with our yarn and needles. Yes, that is Barry NOT hitting a home run.
Getting to the game was fun. Cindy and I got on the Caltrain in Santa Clara and then Jeni and Becky (below) got on in Sunnyvale and finally Hannah and Cookie (below) got on in Mountain View. Cookie, brought wine, bread and brie for the ride up.
We got the city and went to dinner at Momo's and shared another bottle of wine. Dinner was very nice and the desserts were too!

We got to the game late but it was worth it for the nice meal. We picked up our swag, the Stitch n Pitch gift bag, well 3 of the six of us did, they ran out just when we got there. We made the trek up the stairs and found our seats and the rest of our knitter friends!

Mary (Spinnity) and Lori...

Kevin and Chloe...

Sandi, Ruth and Kaye...

The game went into extra innings, the Giants ended up losing, but we six never saw it; instead we were here...

We ended up at Tres Agave's a couple of blocks from AT&T Park. That you see is a tequila sampler that I ordered. I was feeling brave, like the time I thought I could conquer the mechanical bull at a bar, but that is a whole other blog post! So a yummy pitcher of margaritas was ordered along with some chips and guacamole and we drank and snacked and laughed.

It was not as smooth as I thought it was going to be. But the Irish in me came through and I held it all together. Here are a few other shots from the tequila bar...

For the complete set of photos from our night in San Francisco and the baseball game, including photos of Hannah and Cindy both wearing the sheep head from this day, click here.

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  1. THAT was wicked fun! We should do it again... but not on a school night :)

  2. That was bloody awesome. Watching you down that tequila? priceless!

    Now. What is this about mechanical bulls?!