Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Breaking Blog Silence

I am breaking format that I attempted at the beginning of the year, writing letters to my great grandmother as my blog posts. Since my last blog posting was a while ago, I felt that I would just do an update of what has been happening.

First off, I am fine. Back in early March, the 11th actually, I found out that I was pregnant, the most blessed news that Sensei and I could have gotten. We have been trying for about 2 years and it was looking like we were going to require major medical help to have our family, so we were super excited when it happened naturally. However, only after a short 5 weeks of pregnancy, we lost the pregnancy. There are many details that have happened to lead up to the loss but the direct answer to what happened is I had an ectopic pregnancy. The ectopic was and is being treated with a chemotherapy called Methotrexate instead of surgery. So we are just awaiting more test and we will be trying again. There is nothing special about our situation, this happens to many people, but it just plain sucks. I have been quiet on the blog because I just didn't have anything good to say for a while. Well until now. I just want to let you know how much I love my knitting friends. They wanted to let me know that they were thinking of me when I was going through my loss, see what they sent...

And just when I thought the love couldn't get any better, in the mail yesterday I got this,

Yes, I took this picture at work. But look, I even got Hiya Hiya needles for each hank! The knitters really know me well to get me Hiya Hiya's cause my hands eat the nickel platting on the other needles.

So now I have to find just the right sock patterns for these, any suggestions? I am getting hungry for some cereal!!

Knitting projects, I started some "golf socks" for Sensei. We have been through a lot and I wanted to make him some socks. So I picked up some Panda Cotton in black and made some ankle socks for him to wear golfing. Knitting is my therapy, golf is his. And you know it is love when you knit black socks, the only up side about the whole project is that they are only ankle socks.

I am done the first one and I am on the gusset decreases on the second one. Ravelry details here.

I have more projects but I think I will save them for later so that I have more to post about. Looking forward to gettng back to blogging and knitting.


  1. It is good to hear from you again. I wish that I had been closer and able to offer more support-

    I know you are in good hands!! My love to you both <3

  2. Oh sweetie! Has it been that long since we've seen each other? Fingers crossed, and lots of prayers for you and R.


  3. We love you Lisa!!! <3

    By the way, "You Make My Day" too. Thanks! =) Sorry I'm so slow to report...

  4. Big gentle hugs to you both. You've been on my mind.

    I'm so glad you're back!

  5. You are very blessed to have a great group of knitting friends! Flowers and yarn..hope it brought a little cheer to your day!

    Big hugs and prayers for you both. Hope to see you soon!

  6. I had no idea when I saw you last.

    Thinking good healing thoughts for you and see you soon I hope!

  7. I'd been thinking of you and saw you on Rav when I was looking up RibbyPullis! I'm sorry to hear the news and my thoughts are with you and your hubby. Glad you are keeping positive and knitting away. Nothing like good knitting friends!