Thursday, November 08, 2007

No nickel for me...

So I faithfully read Janet's blog, my Twisted counterpart, she was reviewing the KnitPicks metal DPN's. Read her review here. I do not used DPN's, they are my enemy, I have never been able to use them successfully. And that is OK. Others love DPN's and wouldn't think about using anything else. I on the other hand am a circular needle kind of girl. So much so that now I am even Magic Loop knitting several things.

My needle usage started with Clover Bamboo needles, straight, then to circulars. Then I discovered Addi needles and that fantastic flexible cable, score since they have them in bamboo too. Then I bought the nickel plated Turbo Addi needles and I thought that I was a machine knitter it was so fast. I was in love, well not with the price, but hey, the cables were the best on the market in my opinion. Next thing I know, I was introduced to the KnitPicks needles, not only were they hollow, nickel plated needles like the Addi's, they also had fantastically flexible cables and the best part, way less expensive than the Addi's, TRIPLE SCORE.

Then came my discovery, my hands eat nickel. They really do. This is the evidence...

These are Addi Turbo circular needles US5's. The two in the middle are the ones that I used to knit some worsted weight wool slipper socks, one pair only. The ones on the top and bottom are the replacements, new needles never used. I have done this to KnitPicks, Addi Turbo and Addi Lace needles. Stitches no longer slide across the needle like intended, they have to be forced. Makes for difficult knitting. So I am heading back to wood. I still have some Addi's Natura's and I have now started knitting with KnitPicks Harmony needles. I am not as fond of the wood, I am forced to knit looser now. It was suggested to me that I try steel needles, so I will be buying one and giving it a go when it arrives.

Any thoughts? Any like experiences? Any suggestions? Let me know please!!! I am leaning in the direction of buying the KnitPicks Harmony Options, I am not fond of the Denise cables and plastic needles.


  1. I would go for the Harmony needles (hey Richie- Christmas is comin'!). They seem like they are smoother than the Natura ones. I don't have that problem myself, guess I am lucky...

  2. I can't tell from the pic, but if they're just tarnished can you clean them with a solvent, or maybe baking soda & lemon juice?

  3. My body chemistry is the same as yours, it eats through the nickel plating on needles. It also means I can't wear most costume jewelry--14K gold or better and I'm good, thank you very much! lol

    I talked to the Skacel folks last year at Stitches West and they said they'll replace the needles if you mail them to them. Contact them first--I haven't sent any of my needles back yet.

    I'm not sure, but I think that washing my hands often slows the process.

  4. Same thing is happening to me with the addi needles. Very annoying. Thought I might could clean them, but it isn't doing the trick.

    Have you settled on new needles yet that work for you?