Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Dear Grandma,

So a lot has been going on lately with the knitting. I have been test knitting a sock for my friend Margit, she is also known as Fiber Fiend. She has a booth at Stitches West 2008 that starts next weekend, February 21-24, she is in booth 738. And this is the sock that I knit...

I have miss placed, not lost, just miss placed (keep repeating) my camera. Anyway, I had to "borrow" Margits photos to show the sock. This was a great pattern and the greens and browns are really something to see. The pattern is called Willamette and the yarn colorway is Fern. She will be selling both at Stitches then on her website. I have also posted this on my Ravelry page and you can see more photos that Margit took there also.

I have also started Caitlin's Birthday Bear, it is the Classic Teddy Bear from Interweave Knits, 2007 Holiday issue. I have only the legs left to knit now and all the parts will be complete. Just blocking, seaming and stuffing and it will be finished. I am using Rowan Felted Tweed in a light brown and it is turing out well, it gives it a little bit of a rustic look too. No pictures yet, it is just all parts. Her birthday is Feb. 23, Saturday, this must be finished. Wish me luck!

And I have seemed to collect many unfinished projects lately. So I am determined to get them done by the end of March. Ravelry is wonderful, but it also can seem to taunt you with the things that you have not completed.

Ceiling update, the opening has been closed off with sheet rock and patched. It is drying and awaiting texture and paint. But since it is raining now and not very warn, that process will more than likely be delayed until better weather.

Ok Grandma, back to work I go.




  1. What a pretty pattern! Great job!! Can't wait to see it up close at Stitches- hope to see you there!

  2. I can't believe that you have gone from first sock to test knitter in such a short time! Way to go Lisa!

  3. Gorgeous socks!

    I hope you found your misplaced camera :-)

    I've been scarce around blogland, but I hope you're well; I miss you!