Monday, July 28, 2008

Oak-Town Adventure

Sunday my knitting friend Karol and I took an adventure to Oakland. Our mission, go to Article Pract, shop yarn and meet Kristine Brooks of Curious Creek Fibers. We drove to Fremont and took the BART to the MacArthur Station in Oakland then walked a little over a half a mile to Article Pract. The was was amusing in itself. Lots to see and umm, comment on.

Article Pract has lots of lovely yarns in every fiber known to man. They have lots of beautifully knit samples for you to get inspiration. If you don't look carefully, you will miss some of their inventory, it is literally stacked floor to ceiling, baskets and cubbies, racks and rods. The only down side for me was there was not an area for you to sit and knit. For people that make a little trip, I would think it would be nice to be able to stay and knit also. To be honest, I would probably have bought more yarn if I was able to relax, knit and chat. But I did manage to bring these beauties home with me, ShibuiKnits sock yarn that to my knowledge, none of my LYS carry, so score for me!

After the yarn purchasing took place, I went into the back where they hold their classes to meet Kristine of Curious Creek Fibers. Kristine was in town from San Diego to teach a class and I am doing some sample/test knitting for her with her yarns. I got the package she sent me with the yarn and pattern on Saturday...

And on Sunday, I brought this to show her...

Fiesta Mittens by Lucy Neatby. (Ravelry link) She approved. It was nice for the both of us to put a name to a face.

After the yarn store, Karol and I went to a coffee shop a couple of doors down, got a beverage and a cookie, knit and people watched. The BART train back was, well, interesting! We encountered a man that was having a difficult time getting information on his phone and kept arguing with a recording as if it was a live person. If you see me, I will go into more detail, lets just say I had tears in my eyes, not from crying though.


  1. Oh dear, you two on the town together... ;-)

    Lovely mitten!

  2. I was just going to say what Kathy said! Apparently you guys have a rep.

  3. Glad you had fun, sorry I missed out! :)