Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Relayed out and the winner!

I am almost recovered from the Relay for Life event over the past weekend. It was a great event, I was happy to see such a great turn out for support of the American Cancer Society. I am most appreciative of all the people that supported my efforts in knitting caps and monetary donations. I blew it and did not get any good pics to share with you of the entire site with the Luminaria's all lit up, trust me when I say, it was a beautiful site. I stayed out at the relay all night to the ending ceremonies on Sunday and there were lots of people walking in the wee hours of the morning. If you have never been to one of these events, I recommend going, you don't have to be apart of a team to participate. Check out their website to find an event close to you. Here are a couple of pics that I did manage to take of our little space.

And now what you all have been waiting for... The lucky name drawn is Kristin Leamy!! Congratulations Kristin, I will be contacting you to see which yarn you would like and thank you for your support!

A little knitting progress other than hats and such has occurred. I have breathed new life into my Carbon Copy Monkeys. I went up a needle size, changed the heel flap type and I believe this time I will be successful. I am about to turn the heel so we will see!


  1. holy crap!!!! first off, congrats on finishing the relay :) again I think it's fantastic that you posted on Rav, where I'm sure you got SO much support!

    I'm off to email you about my random winning...i never win! that's SO fun! :)

  2. Glad you found some carbon! :)