Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Almost back to normal...

I know that it is unusual to not hear from me for a few days but this time I had a REALLY good reason. Monday October 16th, I went home from work with the worst head ache that I have EVER had in my life. I took a ton of Tylenol, then I went on to prescription Ibuprofen and then followed all that up with Darvocet. By the time Tuesday evening came around and the pain was worse, I knew that something was wrong. So off to the O'Connor ER I went. A little morphine, CT scan and spinal tap later I was admitted with Meningitis. They were not sure whether it was bacterial or viral so they immediately masked everyone that came in contact with me and found me a private room to be with my infected germs. But cutting to the chase, they found that it was Viral and not bacterial which if you were to have a choice, viral is the better option. Bacterial can kill you apparently and now I understood the need for my caregivers layers of protection. I will say this, I have NEVER felt such misery in my life as the pressure and pain in my head continued with what seemed like no end in sight. Even know, I am not feeling 100% but I am feeling better. I was discharged from the hospital Sunday afternoon October 23rd with a prescription of Vicodin. Getting the perscription filled is a whole other story and if I try to tell it now, the pain in my head will get worse. But Vicodin for most is a fairly strong pain reliever, it is a narcotic. I think my body was having a little giggle when I started taking that because all along in the hospital I was given Dilaudid, which I was told that is 10x's stronger that Morphine. But I am doing better, getting stronger every day. I am shooting for going back to work on Wednesday (tomorrow.) But I know that I have to get in touch with my Secret Pal so that she doesn't think that I have fallen off the face of the earth for good, I was just gone for a week. But I have to day, I got out of the hospital in time to make my Stitch n' Bitch meeting and I told my boyfriend, "Look I could still make it SNB" Of course he though I was nuts. I was really kidding with him, but I did miss seeing everyone. So, I will be checking in with you all in a couple of days.

Knit ya later...

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  1. I'm so glad you are feeling better . . . wow, you are lucky you caught that quick . . . take a few extra days and make sure you are up to it and fully recovered. I'm sure you SP will understand.
    Secret Pal 9 :)