Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Not late as usual...

Still another day of sharing a car with my DBF. I sure hope that we get that car fixed soon, getting up at the crack of dawn and going to work is cutting into my knitting time! Anyway, today he had to be in a bit earlier and I suggested that he go ahead with out me and come back to get me when he got free and take me to work; translate=Knitty Gritty starts at 8:30am where I live and this is the only chance that I get to see it. So I said that I would be ready at 9:00am. Well, I kinda lost track of time and I was rushing to get half ready so I could watch the show and finish getting ready during the commercials. I had my current project on the couch with me knitting as I watched the show, today Cat Bordhi was on demo'ing her scarf. So you know that I was totally engulfed in the show and my knitting that I didn't move during the commercials and finish getting ready. But let me give you a bit of back ground on my DBF, he would be late to his funeral! The man is hardly ever on time, but this morning was a different story. So back to the couch; I was knitting, my teeth were brushed, my hair was pulled up, I had half of my clothes on it is 8:55am and the gate latch opens! He is here and I am not ready and I am sitting on the couch knitting, well at least I was until I heard the gate open. I dropped the needles and yarn, ran in the bedroom and furiously started getting dressed. He greets the dog and walks in the room and the look on his face, well it was something between anger, anxiety and confusion, mostly confusion. Needless to say, I was out the door in just a few minutes because we were both now running really LATE to work. I thought I could try to explain how gripping the Moebius knitting was and he would understand, but reality set in and I opted not to explain but to smile sweetly and talk about his Fantasy Football team. I know, smart girl!
On another note, I am waiting on my yarn order from Ewe-Phoria Yarn. I have 6 skeins of Noro and one large skein of their handpainted 50wool/50silk. They have really great yarn and great customer service too. I highly recommend them. So once I get my Noro I will have completed my amount that I need to knit the Lady Eleanor Stole. I am getting excited about it, I now just have to get the pattern.
On my last note of this post, I am so happy that a new yarn store is opening up soon Purlescence Yarns. I have heard such great things about the owners that I am excited to see the new place!

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