Thursday, October 05, 2006

Runway & Survivor

I meant to post this yesterday but I got to busy and forgot. OOPS
For the record, I am a Project Runway fan. I love the art of the design. I am actually in awe of someone that can design and make clothes. I can barely sew a button much less hem a skirt or pants. I did try to make curtains once, I was told that it was REALLY EASY. Well, easy my ass. Fabric, thread, scissors and tiny sharp needles are NOT my thing! But I digress.
Project Runway is about to end its 3rd season, I have seen them all. This season is by far the best one yet. I thought by the second episode that Michael Knight was going to win and I fee even stronger about that now that I see who is in the finals. We will see if I am right soon.
I am just to addicted to reality TV. But let me clarify what type of reality TV. I like watching the shows that are contest based. You have to have a certain level of skill or talent to participate. I am not a fan of show like The Bachelor or any "hook-up" shows. But I am a huge Survivor fan.

This season start was a bit different. I am not exactly sure if I am or should be offended by the division of the tribes. My boyfriend RB and I are an inter-racial couple and I had mixed emotions about this season. I thought that it would be interesting to observe the behaviors of each tribe as they were divided but felt that it was going to possibly set our culture back a few steps in regards of our prejudice levels. But now that they have integrated the tribes again, then I guess the experiment is over. I truly believe that this was just Mark Burnett's way of boosting his ratings for this season. But like his tactics or not, he does produce good television and we all are talking about the show on Friday mornings! For instance, almost the whole tribe turned on JD last night!! Just goes to show you men, don't lay around barking orders and being lazy, you will be voted off the island.


  1. I totally agree, I think Michael is going to win. I'm a big fan of the show also. I record them and watch them every weekend. I'm looking forward to see who will win. I hope its not the pregnant lady I don't like her stuff at all.

    Secret Pal 9 :)

  2. I will be producing my own "knitting" line on the Project Runway #4 next season. See blog for details, because if Jeffrey can win with trash outfits, I can win with arcylic yarn :) Your SP9

    I'm so disappointed in Jeffrey winning I could just scream, Michael went to "hooker" wear for the Safari girl? What is that! then Laura, didn't expect anything less then lots of detail and fuzzz, then Uli I liked her's best, lovely and I think ever woman would buy a piece.