Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Etc, Etc, Etc...

I am really not sure why this did not post on Monday Nov. 13th when I originally wrote it! But here it is now...

The King and I was FANTASTIC!! My best friend Gina for my birthday/Christmas took me to see The King and I on Saturday. We were a bit late due to the Veteran's parade down town, they had streets blocked off and what streets that were not blocked off were like parking lots! But I finally got parked and then scurried over to the theater as fast as I could in heels. The show started without us, I was a bit disappointed that they didn't wait for me, but then again, who am I really in the grand scheme of things. The only part that we missed was her arrival on the boat to Siam. And when I say "her", Anna was played by Debbie Boone and she was really much better than I had anticipated. The King of Siam was played brilliantly by Francis Jue. He is no Yul Brenner, but I will say that he took command of the role was very very good. All the singing was beautiful.

That was Saturday. Sunday I spent most of the day working on knitting Christmas gifts for friends and family. I am seriously running out of time. And Mugsy is not understanding that yarn and items that I am knitting are NOT play toys for him. I caught him with a ball of yarn in his mouth sneaking off to destroy it in the other room. Lets just say he sees it my way now.

I have to say a big SORRY to my secret pal for buying myself something that she had bought to give to me. My family can relate to that, I do it every holiday time to them. It is just a good thing that I blogged about it so you knew ahead of time! (You see me looking for the silver lining, right?)

And lastly, the only thing I have to say about K-Fed and Brittany is, DUH? I lost my $10 bet, I said that it wouldn't last a year and a half. It is a good thing that she has a stong mother and good handlers, she is really to stupid to be in control of all that money!

Knit ya later!

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  1. Not a problem pal . . . I wanted the calender and well now I have one! Hip Hip Horray . . . I did send out a small package for you, the postman said it could arrive on monday or tuesday. knit on :) Secret Pal