Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Turkey Lurkey, Cables Schmables

It is very strange, I had written a couple of entries to my blog, saved them as drafts to add the photos to them and then publish and lost all the stuff that I wrote. So I am pretty bummed because some of what I had to say was pretty witty. So here is what happened since the weekend before Thanksgiving weekend:
Saturday 11/18: Played poker with the girls from work, I did well, but I am not sure that I will be accepted into the WPT. Found my FAVORITE wine of all time, EOS Petite Sryah, bought 2 bottles-drank one at poker night.
Sunday 11/19: Played a 9 hole round of golf with Sensei. *Snicker* I won. He was not that happy. Especially since I had not even picked up my clubs in about 9 months.
Monday 11/20: I recieved my first Secret Pal 9 gift. Very cute and very true handmade sign, "Will Work For Yarn" Photos will have to be posted later, (you will find out why in just a minute.)
Tuesday night 11/21: Went to Target to get a couple of things for my road trip to Selma for Thanksgiving. Went to Michaels to get some yarn to start my moms Christmas gift, I will be knitting it at Thanksgiving since she will not be in attendance this year. Laundry, must have clean clothes when going to grandma's.
Wednesday 11/22: Go to work at 7:30am, get out early, leave at 10:00am. I came to work packed, but forgot to take my grandmothers birthday gift to block at my other grandmothers house, so I had to go back home to get it. Yes, my mothers mom and my fathers mom live across the street, it is great for when we visit them. Sat on grandmas couch and knitted while she sat in her chair and crocheted. Later that evening, my brother and his family arrive at my other grandmothers and we all visit. My niece came and slept with me, we had a little pajama party.
Thurday 11/23 Thanksgiving Day: Got up, helped make dinner, set the table etc. We all gathered and ate a wonderful meal. We played with the kids and I found out that my nephew is a Lighting McQueen groupie! He has seen the movie Cars about a 100 times. He can recite scenes from the movie and he is 2. So we heard "Kachow" and "Mater" all evening, it was very cute. I also had to capture on video him saying Piston Cup, because the way he pronounces it is hilarious. I will have video later, (again, you will know why in a minute.) My brother and his family drive home that night and I take my grandmother to my uncles house to visit. We watch Survivor and then went home.
Friday 11/24: I sat on the couch in my pajamas drinking jasmine tea and knitting until 3pm in the afternoon, it was a GREAT day! I got the majority of my mothers Christmas gift knitted. Then I went to visit my other grandmother for a bit, she fed me and then I went back to the other grandma's.
Saturday 11/25: It is the big day, the big game, I have to get home to see it. I wake up, call my friend Irene who I was to see the night before and didn't work out. I pack up all my stuff, at least I thought I did and went to Irene's because it is on my way home. I was at Irene's for about 20 minutes and my phone rang, it is grandma informing me that I left my digital camera behind. Torn between going back to pick it up and just leaving it until next weekend (I will be returing for her 80th birthday party) I decided that I should not be needing it this week and I can wait. It is Monday today and I have found 5 things that I need to take photos of, Murphy's Law I guess. That is why I have no photos of my Secret Pal gift, not photos of my darling niece and nephew over Thanksgiving, they are trapped on the camera in Selma, CA. So, now back to Saturday, I leave Irene’s house at 11:30am and I am headed north. I arrive in San Jose about 3:00pm, not much traffic at all, thank god! And I get home, Sensei is not there, but I see that he has made an effort to pick up the house, a SMALL effort, but when he got home, I ooh’d and ahhh’d over his “efforts.”
5:00 comes around and it is the kick off to the BIG GAME, Notre Dame vs. USC. Suffice it to say, I am in mourning right now. My Irish lost. It was not an easy loss to take either, Sensei is a USC fan. All I can say is, we have next year.

Sunday is my Stitch n Bitch gathering but before I went to that I had some window shopping to do. I went to Purlescense and then to Commuknity, I knitted awhile at Commuknity and then went to Stitch n Bitch. It was a nice day and it was nice to see some new faces at the SnB this time around.

And now we arrive to today, Monday. When I got to work, it felt odd, I had not been here for 4 and a half days. But work did not disappoint, the phone started ringing off the hook and the papers piled up, it definitely is Monday.

The knitting that I have been doing is all Christmas stuff so I can’t say much about it in detail and no pictures yet, that would ruin the surprise. But I must say, I finally tackled cables. I was so afraid to do them and now that just seems silly. Awhile back, Emy told me that all you did was knit the stitches out of order and when she showed me what she meant, it looked pretty ok. So I started something that has cables, for the knitters out there, IHS, and WOW. How really silly I was to think that it was to hard. So what do I say now? Cables Schmables!!

I will have photos and video posted later, promise.


  1. Glad you liked the sign, I enjoyed making it for you :) I put another package in the mail today for you!

    I wish you could see my blog, I went to a wool mill in Michigan this past weekend and I saw yarn being spun from the wool. Then they had machines on the other side that was spitting out socks, sock machines. It was cool. I picked up some yarn to knit a purse. Fresh yarn . . . lol . . . It was the first wool mill I had been to that makes it all right there. It was cool. I liked it and my DH took pictures for me . . . he was such the trooper. Secret Pal

  2. Trust me, kid, I've been doing this for a while. ;)