Friday, November 10, 2006


Sorry for the long absence from the blog but it was beyond my control! I am still feeling really tired and worn out. By body had to battle a really bad virus and I think it is finally victorious. My dog Mugsy is a little bummed that mom is not home for the entire day. He got a little to used to laying with me on the couch and watching the Peoples Court and Oprah!

I am happy to report that I have gotten the first of my Secret Pal packages in the mail to my Secret Pal in Massachusetts. I went to one of the many yarn stores here in my area of the South Bay Area, Purlescense. They were very helpful in my choosing some yarn for her. She likes bulky yarns and blue was one of her favorite colors so I chose Malabrigo in a vibrant blue sapphire color. And while I was there I saw that they had the 2007 Stitch n' Bitch Daily Desk Calender so I had to have it! Since I got such a late start on send my Secret Pal stuff off, I am going to have to get the second one off pretty soon, it has a long way to travel.

My knitting progress has been sort of slow. I seem to think that I can get 10 things knitted by Christmas, then I wake up from my dream and realize that I have now only 43 days left before time runs out! I seem to start other projects before I have finished the other three I have going! I am still at a loss as to what to knit for my brothers and one of my nephews. None of them live in cold climates, so I will have to come up with something. The more I am writing this and thinking at the same time which is rather challenging lately, I am NEVER going to get something knitted for everyone! I would have to knit 10 hours straight every day to maybe come close. Oh yeah, I will be at the mall on December 23rd frantically looking for gifts! I thought knitting was supposed to be relaxing, who ever said that didn't mean it for the holidays.

I really wanted to get my Lady Eleanor Stole knitted for myself for Christmas to wear when I go see the family, something to show off you know. Well, there is always next year! Oh and tomorrow, I am going to see the King and I, I am so excited. My best friend Gina ( Hey G ) is taking me for my Birthday/Christmas present. Yes, I am one of the many whos birthday and Christmas almost cross paths. But I can't wait to see the big dance scene with the King swinging Anna around the dance floor. I will give you all details later.


  1. Sometimes you shouldn't buy things just because you want them :( I picked up the Stitch and Bitch Calendar and hummm, was going to send it off and well, I wanted one, I was waiting . . . LMAO well I guess I have one now. I guess this will now require me to shop again (love it) and pick some more things :) Happy Knitting. Secret Pal

  2. i got your package, and it was wonderful! i loved the malabrego and the extras! check my blog soon for an glad you are feeling better, and your felted bags totally rock!