Thursday, November 16, 2006

More Christmas Gifts Completed

As you know, I have been knitting fast and furiously these past days to make up time that I had been unable to knit while sick. I thought that I had planned out all the things to knit for Christmas, but foolish me decided to just "see really how long it takes to knit a small tote/hand bag and felt." Well, surprisingly enough, not long! I have to admit, I think that I just might have found a new knitting obsession, the wonderful world of felting. Now my Christmas knitting project list has been revamped and reorganized.

Shame on me for not getting the before photo of my very first felted bag, but I did get the semi-completed bag (I just have to finish sewing in my handles, please ignore the quite large and shiny safety pins holding them in place.)

So after I felted that bag, I knew that I needed to get some "other" knitting completed, like Gina's gift. So I picked it up and looked at it and said, "this yarn is feltable and I have 3 more balls of it right now." (insert evil grin and laugh) So I drop that project, pick up the unused balls and casted on for a different bag, and the starting gun went off. I was determined to get the bag knitted and felted in a single night. When it got to be 9pm I was getting a bit tired and worried that I was not going to make it. But as you can see from my "before felting" photos here, I finished.

On this one, I used Patons SWS in Natural Earth. And as you can see below here, it felts very nicely.

I have now bought handles to go on the striped bag, I just have to sew them on and I will be sitting pretty OK for Christmas gifts. So if you are a woman and in my family, don't be surprised to see one of these come December.
Now, let me see what else I can felt...


  1. Great bags, I also love to felt . . . my stash is made up of 10% misc and 90% wool :) I have issues about finished a project once I start. Sometimes it takes me a few days . . . weeks . . . and/or months, but I'm trying to get better at time frames. Great job on the bags :) SecretPal :)

  2. i love patons new sws. looks like it felts pretty nicely!

  3. HI
    I sent off a package to you . . . another will be in the mail . . . I have 3 waiting . . . small . . . I love making things and sending them off and I don't want you to get them all in one package :))) Happy Thanksgiving Secret Pal

  4. Looks like you used the yarn from your clapotis. The bags look great!