Thursday, January 11, 2007

Santa was good to me

Ok, I guess that I don't know how to blog via email because I wrote this on December 29th, 2006!!

I hope that all of you had a very Merry Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or what ever holiday that you celebrate at this time of year. Santa was pretty good to me this year, I was very surprised. There was minimal family drama, oh come on, you can't expect the holiday season to come around and have NO DRAMA (insert Mary J Blige song.) I am writing the family edited edition of this blog entry, hehehehe.
Sensei and I went to my Mimi's house for the Christmas weekend with Mugsy in tow. She is a real dog lover and she enjoys spoiling him to death, so much so that he got a little sick in the middle of the night on the bed. Merry Christmas to me.
Christmas day was spent over at my brothers house with his family. My nephew Cody is now 14, I can't believe it. He is a very talented artist. He plays the guitar and can hear music and repeat it after a few minutes of picking it out on the strings. He was playing chords of a song over and over and I thought that I recognized the tune so I asked him if he was playing "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones and he said yes. I then told him that he was playing it to fast and he informed me that he was playing the cover version from his favorite band. Then he smartly showed me that he new the correct tempo of the song. He couldn't believe that I knew that song, I think I earned "Cool Aunt" points with him. While I was there at the house for Christmas I knitted him a second Skull Cap, London Beanie, Head Hugger, which ever name you prefer, in a superwash wool brown in color. If my music knowledge didn't impress him, I know that knitting him that hat while I was there did. I gave it to him and I got a "COOL" out of him and then he went to skate board.
Tonight Sensei and I are heading to "The Streets of Bakersfield" (I know another song), to visit with my little brother and his family and exchange gifts. I can't wait to see the look on my niece's face when she opens up her present and sees the little felted purple purse that I made her. I think she is going to love it. Besides having Christmas with my little brothers family we are going to play golf with him and my cousin tomorrow morning, 7am!! When am I going to get a day to sleep in?? But this is just another opportunity to beat Sensei at golf again. Now my little brother, no way I can beat him, but Sensei is within my reach still.
Now on to knitting news...
I have attempted to cast on for my Lady Eleanor Stole 3 times!!! Yes, you read that right, 3 times. I have never done entralac and I thought that I was doing something wrong because it looked horrible, the base triangles looked like cornucopias, there was no way that this could have been right. Last night at Social Knitting I describing what a dork I was with the LE and one of the lady's told me that I had it right and it would straighten out after a couple of tiers were knitted. WOW, did I feel even worse. So I am going to have to try it again. But the good news is that the yellow yarn that I wanted to knit a baby blanket for a girlfriend of mine came in yesterday. So this weekend I will be casting on to swatch for the blanket because I am going to use my new book on cables to make the blanket.

Ok, I have rambled on and on and I know that this was not very entertaining, but I am sure that you will get over it soon. Have a safe and Happy New Year!!

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