Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Ovarian Day

I know that it is Mothers Day, but in my family we started calling it Ovarian Day sometime when I was in my early 20's. My fathers mother made little baskets of bath stuff for all the "mothers" in the immediate family and myself also. So to justify me getting a gift that day also she decided to call Mothers Day Ovarian Day since mothers have ovaries. I called my Mimi (paternal grandmother) and wished her a Happy Ovarian Day! Sadly this year it is not a true Mothers Day for me, but I have great hopes for next year if all goes well. But I am very thankful to have my mother a 2 time ovarian cancer survivor, my maternal grandmother "the crocheter" and my paternal grandmother "Mimi." They are all such strong women each in their own way and I owe a great deal to each of them.

This past Friday was my last day at my job at the Honda dealership. I had mixed emotions. On one hand I am excited that I have a new opportunity one the other, I am leaving a place where I made good friends. Speaking of good friends, this is what I saw when I came to work on my last day...

I did have the sweetest desk in the office, it was all the way in the back with full view off the hole office. Love the signs hanging over my head all day!

When ever there was a tense moment in the office I would just look at a couple of the girls and whisper Zoom, Zoom Zoom, telling them that it was not going to be long before I didn't have to deal with the "issues" there and I would be a my new job, working at 2 different Mazda stores, hence the Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.

So tomorrow morning I will be at my new job and I am so excited. I will let you all know how it went.

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