Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Must knit faster, too cold

It is official, the reports are in, my new job IS actually located at the North/South Pole. It is friggin cold in the office!!! And to make it worse, I have 2 locations that I work from now and I affectionately call one, North Pole and the other South Pole. I am sitting at work minding my business (yes, I can do that) feeling comfortable temperature wise when one of the other girls jumps up and yells, "I can't stand it, I am about to sweat!!" and she flips the AC on HIGH. I can't feel my toes or the tip of my nose at the moment. But when I go out side for lunch, it is hot. Layering, that is the only way to combat Mrs. Freeze and the current outside temperature. There are only a couple of the girls that get warm very easy and they are wearing sleeveless tops and skirts or crop pants. No, they are not "going through the change" at least I don't think so, but all I can say is I need to finish the Wrap Cardigan Top down # 263 from Knitting Pure and Simple and then start some Fetching fingerless gloves to complete my work attire. I am almost 17 inches into my cardigan, I am using Cascade 220 in a very gorgeous brown heather #9408 with a hint of red, yes there is some red. Just be proud that I am knitting something other than a totally red object, I have branched out.

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