Monday, May 14, 2007

New Beginnings

Today was my first day at the new job. It was less than eventful but I guess that is a good thing right? However it was not really that great either. I found that the other employees were very nice and warm to the new girl, that was a relief to say the least. I did get to see how fierce my new boss can be. When I arrived at the dealership the computer was not set up for me to use, no email set up, access to the network, access to the DMV program etc. So the new boss called the IT guy and unloaded on him and rightfully so, they had two weeks to get this done. So most of my day was wasted with waiting to get everything set up. But the funniest thing about the new job is that I am now one of three Lisa's working in the dealership, one is not in the office with me regularly but the other sits right behind me, it is going to be interesting. They spent half the day trying to figure out what to call me other than Lisa because it will be way to confusing for all of us. Any suggestions?

And as some of you know about me already, I don't always do things the easy way in life and today was no exception. I started the new job and decided that today would be the first day to start karate training again since my hospitalization back in October, my recovery has taken some time. I really needed to just do it cause my weight has gotten out of control and I am severely out of shape. So after work I went to the dojo and put my gi on and did class. To be quite honest, I felt really good after class, tired but felt good. And I am thankful that my Sensei (who happens to be my SO, huh!) pushed me but not to hard for my first day back. The reason for the lengthy absence is because when I was in the ER back in October, the doctor attempted a spinal tap no less than four times, yes, that is right, four times which has left my lower back in a horrible state. It has gotten better over the months and now with this training, I am working on strengthening my core which should help my back problems.

At this point, it is 10:15pm and I would like to apologize for writing a less than entertaining blog, but I have been up since 5 am and I am to tired to be witty. Let me get some sleep and I will try to amuse you later.

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  1. Congrats on the new job. Hope it turns into a great place to work with good relationships with your co-workers.

    How funny to work with two others with the same name. In my last job I was one of only two women on the project and we were both named Lori. I also once went out with a guy who's sister was named Lori. Their mother took to calling me Lori-D, "D" being the first initial of my middle name. My maiden name began with "O", and since Lori-O sounded too much like oreo, the "D" was a better solution.