Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Since I am unable to blog about current Christmas knitting, I give you my finished Ribby Pulli. I have worn it several times, it is the warmest sweater that I own. Being what I would call a plump woman, this pattern can be worn by all shapes and sizes easily.

Here is the run down:

Pattern: Ribby Pulli Long Sleeve Funnel Neck
Yarn: Bottom, Cascade 220 in Jet (which really is more of a charcoal color) and on top, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted in Obsidian.
Needles: Size 6, 7 and 8 Addi Turbo's
Size: The largest size in the pattern, I can't remember what it was off hand.
Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes and no, this was one of my first sweaters completed so I did not understand everything the pattern was telling me. With a little help it became more clear.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? The "like" part of the pattern is that it is knit in one piece in the round with only seaming the underarms. Also that the ribbing on the sides does the waist shaping automatically. The "dislike" would be the way that the ribbing on the sleeve was written and the decreases in the yolk. They were both a bit confusing for me.
Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: I knit the entire sleeve on my size 7 instead of just the cuff part. And I am going to rework the neck, I didn't pay attention the the pattern and picked up more stitches around the neck than I should have. So I am going to pick the neck out and re-knit it to include a few of the ribs just on the side to continue the ribbing from the sleeve. Oh and I made the body about 3 inches longer than the pattern calls. I like my sweaters longer.
Would you knit it again? Yes. I actually am knitting it again for a friend after the holidays.
Conclusion: This is a good pattern for any level of knitter, even beginners that want to try a sweater. If I were to knit another for myself, I would knit one in a solid color. Also, I would knit a size or two smaller, this sweater is bigger than I would have wanted. My gauge was correct and other have mentioned the same problem.

Ok, current knitting. Flash back to when I sent my niece and nephew hand knit socks, just cause they are cute and I love them. The lesson learned, ALWAYS ship your hand knitted gift signature required! Their Christmas sweaters have been sent and I just got a text message from my brother that "The Eagle has landed" The box is in the safe hands of my brother and he is waiting to get the kids and let them open the box. I will post photos of the sweaters once they have seen them.

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  1. Exciting!!!!

    Can't wait for pictures either.

    Entrelac is done.
    Missed an hour of work because of it.

    THANK YOU for helping me!!!