Thursday, December 20, 2007

Contest Answers

Sorry, I forgot to include the answers to the contest questions this morning.

1. I have 2 brothers, what are their professions?
Older brother Todd is a Sergeant Detective and younger brother Kelly is a minister.

2. What is my favorite football team?
Notre Dame Fighting Irish, that is right, losing season and all, I am still a proud fan!

3. What is my favorite color?
Red, a true blue red. No orangey reds for me!

4. Where did my fellow knitters and I go after the Stitch n' Pitch?
Jeni, Becky, Hannah, Cindy, Cookie and I all wandered out of the park looking for a bar to sit and watch the end of the game because it was so cold there. We ended up at a tequila bar Tres Agaves! And if you click on the link above, there is a picture of Lori, the winner of the yarn in that blog post!

And if you wanted to know what happened to me last year on my birthday click here. So far today I have not repeated history!

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