Monday, January 07, 2008


Dear Grandma Davis:

I want to tell you about my weekend. Friday night Sensei** and I went to the movies, we saw I Am Legend. It was really suspenseful and a little heart tugging in a few spots. The special effects are fantastic too. Movies have come a long way since your time. Then on Saturday, I worked for a while, needed to get caught up on some stuff since I was gone so much during the holidays. After work on Saturday I went on a little shopping spree at the mall. Got some stuff at Target that I needed and then I got these. Sensei does not like them but he said if they were as comfortable as I said they were and I liked them, that was all that mattered. Grandma, I love these shoes! I want some in different colors now.

Sunday, my friend Colleen and I went up to San Francisco to take care of some business for mom and do some shopping. We went yarn shopping. Yarn stores are so different now than when you were buying yarn let me tell you. First we went to the world famous Artfibers. Grandma, they let you knit a swatch of any yarn to see if you are going to like it, how cool is that? So I knew I wanted to try one particular yarn that I have been admiring from afar. And sure enough, I bought all they had in stock, 583 yards, 265 grams. I will be getting more.

Sorry, the picture is not that good; I forgot my good camera and had to use my camera phone. Yes, grandma, phones have cameras in them now, but that is a whole other discussion! But for a better look at the yarn, here is it on their website. My colorway is #20.

Then we went to another yarn store to see what they were like, Noe Knits. The staff was very friendly, kept checking with us to see if we had questions etc. The store was sort of shabby chic, I liked that, but they didn’t have a lot of stock, seemed a bit empty to me. But the worst part about the store was the lighting. It was horrible. I could hardly see the colors of the yarn, the true color. I did however purchase two hanks of Peruvian Tweed. The yarn is 100% alpaca and has no dyes, the yarn is the color of the alpaca, and I loved that idea. I didn’t get a picture of those this time, but you can see the one I got here. I will have my Ravelry site updated this week with the new yarns.

After all the yarn shopping, we were hungry and thirsty, so I took her to the Haight and we we went to Cha Cha Cha. The food is yummy Caribbean food served like tapas and to wash it down, sangria. They are pretty proud of the sangria, it is very tasty. When I lived in the city, it was one of my favorite places to eat.

Ok, I have some WIP’s to show you next time and I promise more pictures in my next letter, for now, back to work for me!


**New format, new name for the significant other formerly known as Richard. He is actually a Sensei, so that how I will refer to him, he likes some anonymity.


  1. I need to get to SF to the yarn stores...lemme know next time you go.
    I can't wait to spin my 2 pounds of Alpaca. I don't think I'll dye it's too awesome!

  2. SOunds like a fun day in the city!! Can't wait to see what you make with the Kyoto!

  3. I love that Kyoto. I had almost bought some of that last time I was there... in that same colorway as well! And as for the shoes- well you know that is what I usually wear!