Friday, January 11, 2008

#2 (Photo and video heavy)

Grandma Davis,

Last night I got the good fortune to be offered these...

So I took my friend Robin. She is a knitter too. We even brought knitting with us to work on during the game but... we were having to much fun and it looked like we were going to see a fight... There was no fights at the game last night, but we did see this... (click on photo)

And then a really nice man wearing a suit coat in an odd shade of violet handed me this...

I was not using foul language, at least not at the hockey game, but I did get up from my seat during play. I wanted a beer and a pretzel, what can I say???

We saw some really good action. I can say that now I am quite a San Jose Sharks fan!

Grandma Davis, I am telling you, going to a hockey game is like going to a big party with a sporting event happening at the same time. I am going to have to be on my best behavior at work so I could have the good fortune of getting the company tickets again!

The Sharks beat the Vancouver Canucks. Robin and I had a VERY WELL DESERVED night out!

Oh and I have some new yarn to show you too, maybe tomorrow, I will have the pictures ready.


(Sharks newest fan, go #25!!)


  1. Sounds like a blast! Can you believe they gave you that card though?! I have never heard of that!

  2. Sharks games are a total blast. I have never really been much of a hockey fan, but going to an actual game very much changed my opinion of them!

    I do think those cards are new, though it's been a few years and I can't remember at what point I got up from my seat though I do remember having to wait to get back to my seat while there was action on the ice.

    I'm just cracking up because you got the card for something as silly as getting up out of your seat instead of swearing!! :)