Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Dear Grandma,

I made someone smile, well to be specific, I made Jessica smile. She reads my blog and listed it as one of 10 blogs that make her smile, nice huh? So now I have to pay-it-forward and award another 10 people. So I am supposed to award 10 blogs that make me smile which is hard because I follow a lot of blogs, but here goes in random order...

Janet - Twisted Knitter
Cindy - Snidknits
Janice - Knitflix
Nathania - Purls Beyond Price
Cookie/Kristi - Knitters Anonymous
Carrie - We do not have a knitting problem
Alison - Spindyeknit
Delia - Wine and Needles
Mary - Spinnity
Margit - Fiber Fiend

Sorry Grandma, I know you don't read anybodys blog but mine, I love your dedication to your granddaughter; but I give you permission to explore other blogs.




  1. Awww, thanks Lisa!! Right back at ya!! Best part of our blogs and ravelry is that we got to meet up too!! Its pretty hard to not laugh or smile on Sundays when you are there!!

  2. Thank you! And a hug to your grandmother, too.

  3. Thanks! That really did make my day!!!!!