Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year, New Format

This is the first official post on my blog for the 2008. I wanted to try something new this year with my blog posts. It seems to me to be easier to write my posts like I am writing a letter to someone. My Great Grandmother Myrtle Davis was the first person I came to know in my life to work with yarn, she crocheted. So my posts will be addressed to her. Now, it has been many many years since she has passed, but I feel that if I was to talk about my knitting she would be the one that I would want to talk to because of all her years of experience. I know in my heart of hearts that she is looking down on me now and laughing with that great smile of hers and saying, "Well, out of all of them, Lisa is the last one I thought would knit!" Confession, I was a bit of a Tom-Boy when I was little, not much about wearing dresses etc. I grew into a fierce love of lipstick and shoes in my late teen years. But, Grandma Davis is right, I have shocked a few of my family members with my knitting projects. For 2008, my goal is to shock them even more! Starting with Eunny Jang's End Paper Mitts. I have the yarn, will be learning stranded knitting in the very near future. Then, on to Alice Starmore!!


  1. My mom, who used to knit, and gave me her needles, is quite "tickled" that I picked up knitting. She laughs every time I bring it out to work on. Dude...those go, gurl...

  2. You are a braver person then me with that mitten. I am afraid to work with more then one color. Though they do look really nice.

  3. The endpaper mitts are going to be gorgeous!! Can't wait to see!

    Looking forward to the new format too :)

  4. Dang- you are getting ambitious!

    Great idea as to the blogging/writing letters thing!!!!!

    Hope all is well, you and Sensei are both missed ;)