Friday, February 08, 2008


Dear Grandma,

When the bathtub upstairs in your neighbor’s house has a leaky valve, then your ceiling will probably look something like this... Wednesday morning I woke up, walked out into the living room and noticed a thin bubbled line on the ceiling. Under the bubbled line was water, I knew this because when I pushed on it I got drops in my face. I called the people upstairs who own the place and they came down and the words I believe that came out her mouth was, "Holy Shit!" An hour later three construction worker guys were in my living room with drop clothes and buckets draining what ended up being 4 gallons of water from the ceiling. That is a lot of water, not taking in account what was already soaked into the sound board and sheet rock. So all the mushy ceiling has been cut out, the leaky valve has been capped and the owners have gotten an estimate on the ceiling repairs.

On to happier things like yarn! I made a small purchase of sale yarn this week. Yes, it was on sale, I am trying to be good since Stitches West is sooo close.

It Cascade Dolce, 55% Superfine Alpaca / 23% Silk/ 22% Wool and red of course, the good red. Each hank is 109 yards and I am thinking of a lacey scarf unless someone has another suggestion?!?!? However, I may have to go back to Purlescence and get another hank or two while it is still on sale, 30% off, incase I want to make something a little bigger. I have checked Ravelry, several people have made Fetching with this yarn, possibility, I love Ravelry!

Ok, I am off to work on a sock I am test knitting for the Fiber Fiend booth at Stitches, she has some really excellent yarns and fiber that she has dyed along with patterns for the yarns.




  1. We're the construction workers at least cute?

    Yikes on the ceiling though.

  2. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for a SnB group near Sunnyvale. We just moved here from Chicago and I'm desperately seeking to meet other knitters in the area! It's tough being the new kid on the block! ;)

  3. Geez. I feel your pain. Hopefully it is all fixed now?

    LOVE the yarn!!!!