Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Monday...I got yarn!

Look what I found on my desk when I came into work this morning???
And this is what I found inside...

The Life Aquatic
Sundara Winter Seasons Yarn Club shipment
50% silk - 50% merino wool
500 yards, 150 grams

Now, what to knit with it??? Any suggestions, please comment, help a sista out!

Yes, it is that time again, my birthday blog contest. I like the scavenger hunt type of contest, it is my blog and my birthday, so that is the format again this year.

So this is how the contest goes, below are the questions, email your answers to: twistedstitches71 AT gmail DOT com

All the answers can be found in my past blog entries. The person who answers the most correctly wins, in the event of a tie, names will go into a hat and a winner will be drawn. What am I giving away? Yarn of course. What yarn, well, it will be a choice of Socks That Rock, Malabrigo or Rowan Kid Silk Haze (NOT my new Sundara yarn-sorry.) Contest will be closed December 19th at midnight. Winner will be announced on My Birthday, December 20th

What happened when Sensei and I went to Disneyland?

What color do I dislike?

Where did we go and what did we do for Sensei’s birthday?

What song did Juanita sing at the karaoke contest?

Where did I take my niece and nephew when they stayed with me?

Good luck!

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  1. Happy Birthday for the 20th. My son's birthday is the 19th so you are almost birthday twins! (except he is 8 - but you know). Have a lovely Saturday birthday!