Monday, December 29, 2008

Won't you help little Sophie??

This is Sophie, she is a soft sweet thing that is missing an ear cause well, I ran out of yarn! That little bit you see is not enough to get half way down the last ear. So if anyone out there has a little bit of Cash Vero Aran weight in what I believe is the light pink they call Rose #11 please help little Sophie to get an ear so she can make a little 6 year old girl happy.

PS... I have attempted to buy another ball of this yarn at my LYS, but they are out of stock. Besides, I only need a small amount.


  1. Oh no! I wish I could help but I know I don't have anything matching.

    If no one speaks up, maybe you could give her 2 ears in a slightly different color you already have? Just a thought.

    Really cute!

  2. I had seen this posted to the Purlescence list and was sorry to hear bunny has no ear! Wish I could help, but I have none...